High protein wet dog food

High protein wet dog food

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High protein wet dog food, I know

I like the smell of it.

I also like the feel of it.

And I like that my dog's in the back

sitting on the dry food.

I can tell it's dry just by looking at it.

You know, he's had that forever.

And it's time to switch it up.

So this is wet food.

And it's just so much easier to scoop.

And also just overall

it looks a lot better

in the bowl.

And it feels better for him.

So that is for day one, wet food.

And then day two, I'll switch it up to dry.

So just make sure you always have

a transition from day to day.

And if you're having any

issues with your transition

make sure to check out

this video, this week's video

about how to transition

your dog from dry food

to wet food.

The links are right down there below.

Alright, so for day one, wet food,

it's going to be something like

this, I like that.

Duck, chicken, beef,

turkey, just something like that.

You want to get a really high protein,

I love this food.

And then for day two, I'd do something like

just something like this, something like


I like that.

And something like that.

Dry food, it's going to be

a good, low carb,

high protein, great

for digestion, not too


There's only four ingredients.

And these are, I think

it's going to be chicken,

vegetable, some chicken by

the way, I'm not a veggie guy.

And corn.


And I don't know.

I like chicken and corn.

That's what I like.

So that's for day two.

The only problem is it's

only one meal per day.

And you can do it.

It's just, just don't forget,

it's always good to reward good

behavior, you know with

food and prse.

So that's day two.


And just so you know,

with dry food, you don't have to do it

for two days, I promise.

One day is enough, really.

There's going to be more.

You want to do it for four

to six weeks, give it a shot.

If it doesn't work out you're

still going to be able

to put the food back in the cupboard.

No big deal.

Alright, back to today.

First thing I want to do, I'm

going to give you a quick recipe

because you're going to

want to get those wet foods

going pretty quick.

And that is a very easy

recipe that I use.

It's going to be for a wet

dry food, you want to be

like, pretty liquidy,

something you can pour.

It's going to be like

this, you want it

to be like this.

And the reason why I use this recipe

is because it's very similar

to some of the recipes

that you can find online,

like the chicken and gravy

dinner with some cornstarch,

and this is how you can

make those recipes pretty easily.

And if you have to make this,

I want you to have fun with it,

I want you to put in all of

the different things you

want to put in it, you

can put in whatever you want.

And if you want, you can do

some chicken with peas.

Or you can just put a

little bit of a cream,

sauce in here, make it

a little bit different.

Whatever you want,

just have fun with it.

Put a little bit of an onion,

just to give it a little

bit of a kick.

Alright, let's make this.

Put it in the microwave

with some water.

You want enough so that it just fills

this cup, alright, so do that.

That's going to be really

important because you want

to have a little bit of space.

So the idea is when you put this

in the microwave it's going

to start to bubble,

and that's going to

help the ingredients

mix into this gravy.

And then once you

have that mixture going,

I'm going to start

adding in different,

if you use chicken and

vegetables, you could

add in the vegetables

to this as well.

So first, we're going to add in some

of the vegetables to this gravy.

So just use a wooden spoon

and put all of the vegetables

into the cup.


You can actually use anything.

You can use peas, whatever,

just make it fun.

Just make it something you like,

just make it something different.

Put in a little bit of

everything, just put in

a little bit of everything.

Now, just put a few

things in there.

I like peas, broccoli,

I put all the things

I like, peas, corn,

broccoli, whatever.

Put in a little bit of onion.

Whatever you want.

Just put a little bit of everything

in there, mix it up.

(dishes clanging)

Mix up the contents of the cup.

Put it in the microwave.

So I know how you're

probably going to be

thinking, oh this is

going to be horrible.

But I promise it's

going to be good.



Once you put it in

the microwave, it's

going to be okay.

Now I will give you

a little bit of a warning,

because if you leave it

in there for two to three

minutes, it's going to


And what happens is, it

gravies go sour, and they

go sour fast, and it's not fun.

So if you're doing

this, and you like it

just a little bit overcooked,

you're probably going to enjoy it.

So two to three minutes.

There's a chance that you

could overcook it, and

then it won't be so good.

You can overcook the vegetables,

you can overcook the meat,

you can overcook the potatoes,

and then they'll all be

cooked separately.

So you know how in the

past you cooked the potatoes,

and they got a little

bit done, and then

the meat was getting a little

bit done, and then you

put the vegetables on

in the last five minutes

to get a little bit

done, and then you

went off to get the soup.

Well now you've got a

convenience-sized meal.

You can just cook it all in one

time, it's all going to be ready.

Now do not put in the microwave

with the lid on, because you

don't want the potatoes to get

all overcooked, because then they

don't cook all the way through.

So make sure you have

the door of the microwave

open, and the food is

at the top of the microwave.

And you're not at

the bottom of


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