Sims 3 warrior cats

Sims 3 warrior cats

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Sims 3 warrior cats

Here is a great new mod created by a user named "MightyMouse" which allows sims to be warrior cats.

I just downloaded the mod and it will take a while to get to sims 2, but when i get there i think i'll just use my own custom sim and not use the mod.

You are not using the right sim. You can find it on the downloads area under sims 2 in the "Custom content and custom gameplay" section of the downloads area.

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thanks i have sim 2...but i'm stuck on something

the warrior mod is an optional download to play with sims.

its an optional sim.

i downloaded the optional sim and it added my sim.

now if i get into game mode...i can play the warrior mod.

but then my sim can't wear the warrior skins.

when i do i get the error:

This sim can't wear that character!

the mod creator said his sim needed the warrior skins.

i'm not sure how to get my warrior mode to let me use the skins.

I would check on this with the mod creator and see if you need to make any changes to your sim.

Try loading a warrior from your original world using the mod launcher then. You could also load warrior as a default sim so you can just have warriors in your world and not have to worry about it. You can also get the warriors you want to use as sims from the sim store.

Note that you can have one warrior sim and play it in warrior mode, and then have another warrior sim that you play in your regular world, and that one is always in warrior mode. The reason is that, on the one hand, the warrior mod sets up the warrior mode, but on the other hand you can switch between regular and warrior mode in game mode without uninstalling the mod.

I have a quick question. Is it possible to have a warrior mod on a warrior world?


I have a world where all characters are warrior.

I want to make a warrior mod for the warrior world but not include the mod itself as i don't want to lose the warrior mode on this world.

but i want the world to still be able to be used.

how would i do that.

the mod creator said his sim needed the warrior skins.

I am guessing the mod creator is playing your original world on warrior mod and the warrior is not a sim in the mod creator's world. Therefore he is saying the mod needs the warrior skins.

Try loading a warrior from your original world using the mod launcher then. You could also load warrior as a default sim so you can just have warriors in your world and not have to worry about it. You can also get the warriors you want to use as sims in warrior mode by using the mod to add new sims.

I don't know the details of your original world but if it's a sim based around war then you will have problems. A lot of games in the past have tried to include war sims, only to find that they become the most popular sim, which then makes war seem more important than other sims.

War-based sims have always been something of a mixed bag, there's no easy way to create a war-based sim that won't have issues, and I haven't found one yet that is fun for me to play. Perhaps the sim-creator has discovered a way to make it work but I haven't seen any examples of it.

If you're looking for a war-based sim that is fun, you might be interested in the recent addition to the forum. It's called the war base and can be found under World Design.

I'm not sure how much it might help, but if you have the mod in your launcher and load warrior and then load some sims you like from your original world, you may be able to see if you get any problems. In any event you should be able to create a base based around some of your favourite sims.

I'm glad it worked, as it was a lot of fun to be back in Gensivar. I was surprised there is a lack of war-based sims in that, but perhaps the lack of war sims has actually made them more of an issue! It would be great if people were to start making some of these.

I'm going to have a poke around to see if I can make a mod like this for my own base. I'd love to see others make mods like this, but since there seems to be a lot of war-based sims to do, I guess we'll see what I can make after I've seen a few of them.

I know there is a lot of desire to do war based games, but there have been enough war games that have been around for years now and it seems like a lot of people have already had their fill. I feel I am not interested in doing a similar game.

Perhaps others would like to see if they can make an idea like this happen. It would be fun to see some of the mods come to be.

I just looked and there are a number of war games available, and at least the Sims 4 base, I've started a war game. I'm just not that interested. It may be an idea to use this for a base, and maybe make a war game sims 4 mod.

I've not seen any. Well, I've seen something very similar to a war game, that you can be attacked by things. It was a bit of a strange Sim. But that's been a while now so I probably don't remember it too well.

Perhaps we could make a war game. As this has proven how fun it can be for sims, it might be good to have a war game sim. And it could be a good idea to make it with the expansion. The expansion might be a good opportunity to create something new, as it already has more war sims, such as building forts or something. A war game would be a lot of fun with the expansion, as that would be all new types of building and items.

War Games are awesome, and I definitely will play with more games like this. But I would like to keep this to Sims 4 related items. Anything that sims 4 needs can be created. I know many people would prefer something like this if it was in a 3d game, like The Sims, but Sims 4 is a good 3d game too, so the more 2d games the better.

The next step would be to make an awesome mod, and then there will be two great games. It will make Sims 4 modding a lot easier if we could make more new 2d games. The Sims 4 is not a bad 3d game, and it could be interesting to create a game of this nature and add it to Sims 4. Or we could simply create a 2d game to play with friends,

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