South central louisiana state university mud dogs

South central louisiana state university mud dogs

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South central louisiana state university mud dogs

State University Mud Dogs in Central louisiana (Mud Dogs) is a University of Missouri athletics team competing in the Division I FCS. The team was founded in the fall of in 2010 and play their home games in the Mizzou Arena. The Mud Dogs compete in the Midwest.


The Mud Dogs have been at state university since the fall of the 2010 season, following a 4 year transition period. Prior to 2010, Missouri State University had not fielded a team of their own, instead playing as an independent or in the Division I Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA). During the 2007 season, the school's team, Missouri State Bears, had a 5-6 record and finished out of the playoffs. On September 8, 2010, the university unveiled plans to field a Division I program for football. In a press conference, the school's athletic director and athletic director of football were revealed to be Dr. Doug Meacham and Dr. James Ammons. On October 6, 2010, Missouri State and the University of Missouri announced that the two schools would join forces for the 2011 football season. Dr. Robert Ehsan was named interim athletic director for the Missouri State program and became the program's inaugural coach. The team played its first game on September 14, 2011 at the home of the Missouri Tigers, Tiger Stadium, winning by a score of 24-0. The game was the inaugural meeting between the two schools.


The team plays its home games in the Mizzou Arena, which is owned and operated by the university. Opened in 1980, the facility has a capacity of 20,500 and is located on the university's West Campus in Columbia.

Conference affiliation

Division I FCS

Current coaching staff

Stadium Staff

Director of Athletics - Brad Huse

Associate Athletics Director/Football - Chris Anderson

Head Football Coach - Dr. Robert Ehsan

Offensive Coordinator - Chris Craddock

Defensive Coordinator - David Henson

Defensive Line Coach - Ryan Toth

Secondary Coach - Brian Nogier

Recruiting Coordinator - Bryan Williams

Strength Coach - Tony Johnson

Director of Athletic Performance - Aaron Mays

Strength Coach - Chad Miller

Head Athletic Trainer - John Williams

Athletic Performance Coordinator - Andy Tullis

Assistant Athletic Trainer - Jeremy Farr


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