Dog keeps peeing in house

Dog keeps peeing in house

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Dog keeps peeing in house - I am frustrated and don't know what to do... Help

Hi there

I have a male, three year old, indoor, well house trained dog that is going to be 8 years old by the end of March. He has always peed on the carpet or in the corners of the house where he sleeps.

Now he's started peeing in the house. He sleeps downstairs so he's got access to that, and he's also found a spot on our kitchen table to sit, so that he can urinate on our kitchen counter while we're at work.

He's also begun to urinate on our couch where he sleeps while we're at work and when we come home. And I mean this like there's a big puddle of urine.

The thing is, I love this dog so much. He's a wonderful, loving dog who's a bit neurotic. He's sensitive and easily scared, he has health issues that are being treated with medicine and he's a pretty energetic, active dog. He really needs someone to take good care of him but I can't always be home all day every day.

He has to be walked once a day, on a leash. He's walked a few times during the day, but it's usually for ten minutes or less. He needs at least ten minutes of time to himself, and to walk the perimeter of the yard, before the walk is over. He has a tendency to get "stuck" and not move.

If I leave work and have the house to myself for more than a few hours, I come home to find pee all over the place, in the kitchen and on the floor and in the hallway.

We've been keeping a close eye on the spot he found to urinate on the kitchen counter, and he's been told to stay away from it. So far he's been doing fine there, but it's obviously a problem that he has a tendency to find a place where he can pee, and then he stays there. We've tried putting an open box of treats on the spot he's been "told" to stay away from, but he's still been found back there. We've tried moving him to another spot, but when we do he's not comfortable there.

We've also tried putting down some dog bedding, but it doesn't seem to matter where we put it, if he's found another place he has to go, he does.

We've been treating him for fleas and heartworms but he has no other health issues.

We've never had this kind of problem before, and we're both a bit frustrated that this has happened, especially since it's not a big problem but it's very inconvenient.

So my question is, how should I go about keeping the pee under control? We don't want to be dealing with this problem for the rest of his life, we both want him to be a normal dog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not sure it's a urine problem. I think it's more a'marking/defacing' problem. I don't think he's going to be very happy about pee on his couch.

I agree that it's a behavior problem. He doesn't know that he's supposed to pee only outside.

As long as you are aware that this is his normal pattern, you can deal with it. First I would make sure that he's always walked on a leash. If he's a puppy or a younger dog, he may not have the experience or understanding of a proper leash walk. That should be remedied now, before he becomes a "problem."

Once you've established that you know what his normal pattern is, you can work on changing it. There are plenty of places he can use if he needs to pee, but not at the kitchen table or couch. You can move him to a bathroom (or your husband can do it, or whatever).

You can also try making the room smell different. I would suggest you vacuum the area where he urinates regularly, or spray it with some sort of deodorizer. He may not like the smell, so it may need to be cleaned more often, which means you'll be getting up a little earlier and cleaning up. Or, if you'd rather not do that, maybe you can just spray the area with some sort of deodorizer (I use an air freshener for this).

It can be hard to make a change in a dog's pattern. Some dogs will try to do what they do every day, but if you make them change, it may take them some time to get the idea that they have to change. It also might help if you show him a different place to go to when he needs to urinate. I know that sounds strange, but if he's used to going to a certain spot, maybe he thinks that's the best place to pee. You can show him that other spot, and he can use that, but he'll have to try to associate that other spot with a different place he can pee.

One thing I have found helpful, if it's been a while since you cleaned the carpet or spot he's been using for awhile, is to vacuum or wash the area a few times. That way you're cleaning the carpet or spot, and getting it fresh again.

I'd also suggest talking to the vet and letting them know that he has a problem and you're working on it.

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