Spanish water dog price

Spanish water dog price

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Spanish water dog price - Best dog for my situation

I'm looking to purchase a water dog and can't seem to find any reviews on these specific breeds. I'm looking for a specific color, as I have a girl that is already fixed and is black in color. I live in the Northeast, and don't want a large dog. I'm looking at these specific breeds: Malinois, German Shepard, and the German Water Dog, and from what I can tell, they are the most expensive, unless the Malinois is the lowest. I'm also interested in the Alaskan Malamute, but this is more of a "get me a dog because I like dogs" deal than a "buy the most expensive" deal. What do you think? I have seen the Malinois, German Shepard, and German Water Dog on Petfinder, but not the other two, as they are less expensive. Also, I am not going to get a full grown dog. I'll look for a puppy when I need a bigger dog. I know we'll get along well, I know I can trn them, and I know I will love them for a long time. And I won't want another. I am looking to purchase my dog in March, but I know the Malinois can take a while to arrive, as he is in Germany. Is anyone selling the German Shepherd or Malinois, as I am more interested in getting one of these for myself and another for a "gift" for someone? My other idea is to get a puppy that will be 6-8 weeks old and get my older dog fixed. I'm pretty sure I'll have to "hold the dog" and walk them, as they will not walk right, and I am an ex-Navy SEAL. I'll start taking my dog for walks at 10am each morning, and will take it for walks for a mile and back each day. I'll be trning her to take on any command, and will teach her how to be a service dog for me when I get fixed. I know that this is more than I should be paying, but I am willing to pay a lot for a puppy. It'll be a rescue from a local humane society, so I do not have to worry about health issues. I'm trying to get it so I won't have to deal with vet bills, and I think if I rse my own dog, I won't have to go to the vet for too long, so it should make a lot of sense.

A friend of mine told me he knew someone with a young Malinois who had just gotten him for less than $500. I really want one of these. And I can't find them for cheaper on


I don't get why people are so agnst "breeding their own dog" and "rsing your own dog". I grew up with a Malinois named Koda, and was a service dog for a family with down syndrome, and we rsed Koda from an extremely young age. I know a few people with dogs they've rsed, and they did it with Koda for free. I have been breeding my dogs for a while now, and rsing them. Sure, I know theres the cost of feeding and vet bills, but I have the time and I do my own breeding and rsing, so I figure I'm paying for the work I do. I don't think anybody says you can't buy dogs or cats, so why can't you get a pedigree Malinois?

I've wanted one of these for awhile and just wanted to know if you have to do anything to these dogs when you get them? Other than make sure they don't have any health issues?

My friend has a black malinois mix that he got for free from a breeder who wasn't keeping them anymore, but had a good price for us. He wants to add another female black mix to his female black and white mix to get the genetic diversity, which will result in more puppies. He doesn't know where to go to get them, but I have a friend who might have some if I ask him. I figured I'd ask here in case anybody knows anything about these dogs.

I guess what I don't understand is why people who do breed their own dogs don't want to share their genes with anyone. If I had the time, I'd breed a lot of dogs, some of them for sale, and some that I don't sell and just breed for personal satisfaction. At least I wouldn't be wasting my time and money buying expensive kennels and cages and dogs from the breeder, which is what seems to be the problem with these breeds (or the people who own them).

I do not mind if you breed or sell a Malinois. I do not mind if someone chooses to breed or not. I'm glad I can find breeders in my area to keep my interest without having to travel long distances.

I breed for the same reasons that I sell/purchase from breeders- I do it to have dogs of my own. I am not going to sit on my rear end (so to speak) and let people buy puppies from breeders who I may or may not find them to be quality. I may buy from a breeder, but I do not buy a purebred dog to breed my own dogs. A purebred dog needs to be bred properly before he is being used for breeding. I like the genetics that I get from my own dogs. Also, sometimes breeders sell dogs out of state. I'm not going to put my dogs in a van and drive to Ohio to sell them. I want to be able to put the dog in my own house with my own kennel space, and let me know about the health history of the dog.

If the breeder is selling his dog to be bred to the buyer, then the buyer needs to know that the dog is going to be bred. If the breeder is selling a litter that is to be bred to the buyers dogs, then the buyer should make sure that he can afford and is willing to breed the dogs.

I have a good sized male, male Chihuahua I would like to buy from the breeder I am having trouble finding. He is 2yrs old. He is good with other dogs and children. He is house broken, crate trned, well socialized. I am in California and want to get him for a breeder from the East Coast.

I prefer to breed the puppy myself and the breeder of my choice. The reason is that I want the puppy in the litter to be from a quality family where the pups will receive love and the chance to be a part of something very special. I do not want to breed with unknown people. I would rather buy a pewter puppy then one from someone I have never heard of. There are no guarantees and the fact is that I am just as likely to get a bad pewter dog that will not last than one from a family I can trust. I look for strong family ties, the kind that are shown in a pewter puppy.

I do not own any female dogs and rarely go to dog shows to view the males. I would prefer to buy a male. There are times when I will buy a female for breeding purposes, but only in unusual cases.

My mn concern with a male puppy is if he is healthy. When I say healthy, I mean that the pups should have good overall health with no illnesses, allergies or other health problems. I do not want a sick dog that needs to be in the emergency room. A healthy pup that shows the breeder has taken care of him is a good thing to me

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