Husky and bernese mountn dog mix

Husky and bernese mountn dog mix

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Husky and bernese mountn dog mix with lots of white, brown, black and white markings. He is so sweet and gentle. He weighs about 23 pounds and is a very healthy and happy boy. He gets along well with dogs and cats, and kids. He is very smart and very trnable.

Molly will be avlable for adoption on Saturday, January 7th from 1 to 3 pm.

He is great with children, but is still growing and will need to go to a home with older kids or without young children or a small dog.

You may want to first eml us at [email protected] Or you may have more questions about Molly the cat, or other cats and dogs we have for adoption.

Our adoption fee includes: Spay/Neuter, FELV/Lepto/Parvo, Age and Health Check, Microchip, Vet Records, 2 vaccine boosters and rabies vaccine, if needed.

A few days after Christmas, I got an eml from the shelter letting me know about a cute little kitten we had to fill in a need for a mom. I was immediately smitten, and sd yes immediately. I knew nothing about him, but when he was brought out he had a couple of toys, and after giving him a few minutes to snuggle with them and play, I asked the shelter representative if I could hold him. He was about three weeks old, skinny and very small, and just the most adorable, bright orange and black little guy.

Maeve is now about six months old, and is a sweet girl. She is very healthy and very adoptable. She came from a farm with a cat that died recently, and had been with no one since she arrived at the shelter. She is spayed and is up to date on vaccines.

Maeve is great with kids, and would like a home with an active family. She gets along with other dogs, and is very tolerant of cats. She is housebroken, but crate trning has never been a problem, and she is good with a busy schedule.

Maeve is a beautiful, healthy girl. Please see her on our web site at

Adoption Charges and Information:

There are no adoption fees. A $35.00 spay/neuter fee covers vaccines, deworming, and other vet bills that we incur while in your care.

We believe that every pet should be treated as an individual, and should have the same love, care and attention as an own pet. To that end, we take care to select the pets for whom we receive adoption applications for from a large list of animals wting at our shelter. We choose those pets for whom a home can be found in the best interest of the pet and in the best interest of the potential adopter. In our view, no animal deserves a life in a shelter or as a result of neglect or abuse.

If the situation requires it, it is our belief that we will choose, and have avlable for adoption, the pet that will best fit into the home that we hope that the potential adopter will create for his or her pet.

When a pet is adopted by an individual from an adoption center, the adopter typically pays between $200.00 and $300.00 for spay/neuter surgery and a pet’s immunizations. The remnder of the adoption payment is given to the organization that is caring for the pet while awting the adopter.

When you adopt a pet from us, you will pay nothing to us for the care and mntenance of the pet until the pet is ready to go home with the adopter. You may choose to pay for immunizations or spay/neuter surgery during the time the pet is staying with us. You also may be required to pay a pet fee to cover a variety of additional care provided to the pet while the pet is staying with us. The pet fee that you are required to pay varies with the situation and what type of animal you are adopting.

When you are considering adoption, please consider that your adoption fee covers routine care and immunizations. If you choose to have the cat spayed or neutered, we will assist you with the cost of the spay/neuter procedure. However, it is up to you to provide the surgery when the cat is returned to us, even if it has been spayed/neutered earlier in our care. If you have a cat that has already been spayed or neutered, you will be required to pay for the surgery. The cost for the surgery varies depending upon the cat’s health and age.

We offer spay/neuter surgery for cats at no charge to the adopter, provided that the cat is not pregnant or has any health issues that could result in complications. We are able to offer this service if we do not have any kittens or pregnant females currently in our care.

Your adoption fee is fully refundable if the cat is returned to us in less than 3 months after you adopted the cat. If the cat has been adopted and then returned to us within 3 months, you may return the cat for a full refund. If the cat is adopted, you may purchase cat litter and other supplies from us for the cat at full price.

When your cat is returned to us after the adoption has been completed, you will be required to pay the original adoption fee for the cat plus a fee for the surgery. The cat will be returned to you through our shelter, so you will need to either pay the shelter’s adoption fee and then take your cat home, or arrange for us to pick up your cat and you will be charged a trip fee. You are welcome to bring the cat to the shelter with you if you wish.

When you have adopted your cat, you will be contacted about scheduling the surgery and an appointment will be arranged for you to pick up the cat.

We will provide information on how to schedule the surgery so that it can be done the same day. If it is not possible to have the surgery the same day, the surgery will need to be scheduled for at least a week later so that the cat is healthy enough for the surgery.

We try to assist people in adopting cats with minor health issues (such as eye issues, minor skin conditions, or urinary issues) if you would like us to do so. However, it is your cat’s health that is most important. We don’t have the time or ability to help people with cats that need extensive or emergency veterinary care. You will be expected to make all medical decisions for your cat. If you need assistance with these decisions, we can provide guidance.

If you have any questions about our adoption process or about adoption in general, please feel free to eml us at [email protected] or fill out a question about adoption on our website. You may also call our mn number at 1-800-SAH-FREEPETS (1-800-774-4736).

Adoptions fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. We have a wting list for animals, and we’re grateful that so many families find the joy of adoption. The wting time to adopt an animal from us is approximately 4-8 weeks depending on the number of pets in



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