Dear cats look forward to their owners

Dear cats look forward to their owners

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"When is the most beautiful moment of the day? Of course, when mistresses and masters come home! “, The cats prove in this YouTube video with purring, running and meowing. Well, a couple of four-legged friends are happy ...

That these people always have to leave the house so much - if you asked the cats in this video, it would certainly not be necessary. Their owners had enough to do with petting them all day, playing with them, and handing them a few snacks in between.

Instead, it means “wait, wait, wait” while the owner and mistress are at work. But of course the joy is all the greater when the door opens at some point and two and four-legged friends are reunited. And you will be allowed to show that, right?

Cats alone at home: tips against boredom

If master is working, it can not be avoided: cats have to spend a lot of ...


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