Cat 1 lift arm ball

Cat 1 lift arm ball

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Cat 1 lift arm ballast


Has anyone here used the new Luma Ballast line for the Cat 1 lifts (not the new Luma Line but the original one with the square holes)?

The only problem I have is that the original one is not avlable any longer.

My question is, has anyone done any ballast calculations for the old Luma model?

I only use a Luma ballast because I like the feel of the rubber in the hole.

Does anyone here know how large a hole would be to provide the same "feel" from a Cat 1 lift that is powered with a Cat 1 Luma lift arm?



Hi Bart,

I believe the "feel" is all about the diameter of the holes and how many of them there are.

The bigger the holes the better.

You will probably have to calculate the diameter of the holes yourself.

One of the Luma models might help but I think the original Cat 1 ballast is a frly standard one.

I think I remember that the original Cat 1 had only 2 holes.

BTW, there is a Luma ballast for the Cat 1 that is avlable now. It looks like they are offering 2 models for the Cat 1. One is a round hole and the other is a square hole. I have not had a chance to look into this at this time.

Thanks for the info Jimbo.

I'll have to look into it further.

I just wanted to make sure that a standard Cat 1 ballast was ok with the Luma line.

I used an Luma line a few years back on a used Gator lift and it seemed like a nice lift to me. There were 2 holes - the original cat 1 holes.

A long time ago I had a lift with a cat 1 line - I can't remember the brand or model - something made by A-G. It was from the 70's.

A Cat 1 line was put on that unit because the original unit was missing a ballast. That model was made by A-G (or maybe by some other company) and I think it had been converted to an Cat 2 (because it had 2 ballasts). I think that the lines that were already on the lift were removed and replaced with the cat 1 lines. The lift still worked with no problems so the replacement was fine.

I remember when I bought the unit it was missing the original line and I asked if they could put in the cat 1 line and they sd yes.

There was no problem with it - the cat 1 ballasts didn't need to be removed and reinstalled.

The Cat 1 ballasts seemed to have holes (that were bigger than the original hole) and the ballasts were mounted under the unit - the cat 1 line ran off the mounting bracket to the side. The holes for the lines were not drilled.

The original holes on the unit were drilled larger.

You know I have had a unit for the past 15 years - and I have not had to adjust my skis - the new line had no problems.

Just a reminder...

All skis have a line rating - in other words a skier can ski without a line and if the skier gets into trouble - the first guy to the rescue has to put a line on.

The more lines you carry - the more chance you have of getting someone to put a line on. That makes sense to me.

So that I may be correct I will ask someone else with that lift what type of Cat line they used.

We have a 2 ballasted Cat 2 lift at Lakeland Ski Resort, if I remember correctly. The lift was replaced over the winter, the new Cat 2 line was still on. During the time that we did get skiers at the hill the line was replaced and skiers still used it - no problems.

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