Why does my cat scratch the floor

Why does my cat scratch the floor

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Why does my cat scratch the floor at night?

A: My kitten started scratching my hardwood floors recently. He scratched hard. He had claws when I got him but I was told that this would heal. It's still like he's scratching a hard layer of skin off my floor. It's like I didn't get him until a few months ago. He hasn't been scratching hard before, he was just starting to scratch the front door when I first got him.

Q: My cat will wake me up scratching.

A: My cat was sleeping in our bed. I'm in the habit of getting up around 4am and trying to get some more sleep. When I woke up, I heard this scratching noise that sounded like it was right under the bed. I thought there was a squirrel under the bed or something. When I checked, I found out that my cat was scratching the floor under the bed. I thought maybe there was a mouse under the bed and he just jumped up from under the bed and scratched the floor but he still had a scratching motion. He's a white cat with brown paws. He's never done that before and we haven't had a mouse in the house since he was about 10 days old. I'm just worried that it's something bigger than a mouse.

A: Your cat is scratching to let you know that he is there, but not as a warning.

Q: Why does my cat cry when I pet her?

A: My cat is a year old and she is so playful, she likes to play around with me. However, when I get home from work, I usually pick her up and carry her around the house and she sometimes starts to cry. This happens once or twice a week and I can't figure out why. She doesn't really care for other animals. If I call a friend over to visit, she is OK but she will usually jump into their lap and stay with them. I think she needs to bond with a family member to understand that they are a part of her life.

Q: My 6-week-old kitten screams and runs away from people.

A: I know it's not normal but my kitten is not friendly at all. He cries when people come to my house and he hides in a corner and screams. I can't figure out why.

Q: My cat will not eat a bite of food.

A: My cat is not overweight and she usually eats. He seems to just push it away. He doesn't like crunchy food or food with cheese.

Q: Is it OK to bathe my cat in the sink?

A: We have no idea why he did this because it was out of the blue. He's so used to me brushing him in the tub but he wouldn't let me near the sink. After, he just stayed in the bathroom and waited until I finished bathing him.

Q: My cat drinks from the toilet.

A: I found a dirty dish outside with the cat's litter. I think it's because he has been drinking from the toilet. My dad has talked to him about the litter and now the cat is better at using it.

Q: My cat has started having seizures.

A: My cat has been seizing before. His breathing is getting out of control and it will last for about 30 minutes. He shakes but he doesn't make any noise.

Q: My kitten has diarrhea.

A: My cat has had diarrhea before and it seems to have improved. It is on its side, he wants to drink but won't.

Q: Is it normal for cats to bite me?

A: My cat only wants to eat. She won't let me touch her or let me scratch her. I was watching a YouTube video and they said it is normal for cats to bite and that I need to give her time. It just doesn't seem like she is biting me for attention but I think she is having a little temper.

Q: What should I do when my cat has a toothache?

A: When my cat had a toothache the last time I tried putting a frozen banana on it for an hour but it didn't help.

Q: Why are my cat's eyes so big?

A: My cat has very big eyes. I think she might be blind or I hope she isn't.

Q: Why are my cat's eyes bright?

A: The last time my cat was sick, he was blind. I think I was feeding him bad kibble.

Q: Why does my cat cry?

A: My cat has cried before. I think he is getting used to me.

Q: What do I do if my cat gets scared?

A: Scared cats look really cute. I think it is normal for them to look scared and I know that cats can get stressed when they are sick or lonely.

Q: Why do cats scratch at their paws?

A: It's when they are trying to get rid of bad odors.

Q: Why are my cat's eyes so big?

A: I am pretty sure the cat is blind.

Q: Why does my cat have blue eyes?

A: I guess my cat is blue-eyed. My cat has always been blue eyed and she is so pretty with big brown eyes.

Q: Why does my cat have a blue nose?

A: The cat used to be blue-eyed. I don't know why she lost her eyes but she does have a blue nose.

Q: How do I know if my cat has diabetes?

A: If you think your cat has diabetes ask your vet to check him or her. If they have no sugar in their urine they probably don't have diabetes.

Q: Can I call my cat an angel?

A: No, but she is pretty pretty. I think an angel would be very pretty.

Q: Can I call my cat a princess?

A: If you want to call your cat a princess. You can make up your own rules for your cat's name.

Q: Why do we say your cat looks like your Mommy?

A: It is because my cat's eyes are so big and round. I think my cat looks like my Mommy.

Q: How long do cats live?

A: A cat's average life span is 12-14 years.

Q: How do I know my cat is healthy?

A: Cats can seem healthy but if they have an ear infection or something wrong with their teeth they will look unwell.

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