Dog diving & disc dog for sporty dogs

Dog diving & disc dog for sporty dogs

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Tournament season in the trend sports "Dog Diving" and "Disc Dog": Sporty dogs will compete against each other in Germany until the end of August. Interested parties can watch the final of the events organized by PRO PLAN® on August 23 and 24, 2014 in Leipzig. Dog diving & disc dog for sporty dogs

Dog diving & disc dog for sporty dogs Dog diving & disc dog for sporty dogs

Beginners and professionals competed against each other in previous competitions and are now to show at the finals who are the best in dog sports "Dog Diving" and "Disc Dog" in 2014. Both sports are still quite new in Germany and promise lots of fun for four-legged friends.

Dog diving: a sport for water lovers

Dog diving is a very special dog sport that is wonderful for summer. To commands like "Dive!" and "Spring!" the four-legged friends who love to swim jump from a ramp into the water and show the most varied jumping techniques. Whoever does it best will show up at the final in Leipzig.

Disc Dog: fun to play with the Frisbee

This sport is not only about the dog, but also about its owner. This throws him a Frisbee disc in different ways and at different distances, whereupon the dog does its best to catch it. Do dog and owner harmonize well? It will show in this dog sport.

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