It's fun: hunting games for cats

It's fun: hunting games for cats

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Hunting games for cats are at the top of the list for most four-legged friends: no wonder, because after all, domestic cats can finally pursue their natural instincts to their hearts' content. These tips will make them even more exciting. Whether with a game rod or ball: hunting games are fun for cats! - Image: Shutterstock / pyzata

Lurking, running, catching, romping and sharpening the claws: hunting games for cats are not only fun, they also ensure that the animals are better utilized and that there is a bit more variety in their lives, even if they are not quite as domestic cats experience a lot like free time.

Hunting games for cats with the game rod

You can buy play fishing for cats in the shop or do it yourself - remember to only use materials that are safe for the cat and only let your pet play with the cat toy under supervision. Don't ask them to play with the same fishing rod every day, because it will quickly get boring.

The favorite cat toy, or a crumpled paper ball, is quickly attached to a ribbon and makes playing more varied. Always put the cat toy away between the game units, because the cat will only be able to capture something if you cannot have it anytime anyway.

Hunting is fun even without a fishing rod

Hunting games for cats are just as enjoyable if you throw something at them or if you roll them over the floor. In order for it to be worthwhile, the thrown cat toy must of course be interesting enough for your pet. Dry food or treats are one way to chase almost any cat.

Four game rods that get cats going

Game fishing is wonderful for animating house tigers to play, have fun and move around. In order to…

Which objects are still interesting to play with varies from cat to cat and varies from simple hair ties, to play balls, to corks, to valerian toys or the classic point from a laser pointer. Try a little and remember not to always use the same cat toy.

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