Martha was an average dog

Martha was an average dog

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Martha was an average dog until the day her master's ex-wife threw her into the kennel. Martha found herself out of the house, in a new place and with a new master, to whom she instantly took a liking. Martha quickly adjusted to her new life as a stray dog, although she is no cat. She loved people and was adored by her new owner.

But one day, when her master was out of town, she slipped her collar. Not knowing where to go, Martha wandered down the street in search of food. A passerby saw the situation and helped the poor dog.

The passerby also offered to take her in. So, she went with this kind stranger into his home, where she was treated kindly. He provided her with food and a soft bed to sleep in. After some time, Martha's owner arrived, and found his beloved dog missing.

He was enraged and accused the stranger of mistreating his pet. Martha's new owner had the good sense to stay silent and let his accuser take the blame. But Martha remned true to her benefactor and stayed with him.

Some time later, when the owner was on a business trip, the stranger returned to his house. Martha greeted him happily, and was more affectionate than ever before.

She did her part by giving her owner a warm welcome, and was even more affectionate than usual.

The owner returned home and noticed the extra affection and even more attention given to him by his dog. He was deeply touched, and returned the love with a special gift.

He bought Martha a collar to show his appreciation for her love and devotion to him, and presented her with a special collar of her own. The new collar had a sign engraved on it that read, "Martha, I love you!"

Martha returned the gesture. She took the collar off her neck and presented her master with it, by placing the collar in his hand and turning away. The new collar fit perfectly and Martha made no further effort to get rid of it.

Martha's kindness and affectionate attitude toward her master was something he would never forget.

The moral of this story is, when you receive good, kind, and loving treatment, be sure to respond in kind, even if it is just for a moment.

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Who was Aesop, and why is this fable important?

The ancient Greek slave, Aesop, lived during the sixth century BC, but he is most famous for his fables. Aesop was born in southern Greece, a region known for its blacksmiths and farmers. Because of his skill at making toys, Aesop eventually started making dolls that would sing and dance as Aesop played music for them. Because Aesop made the dolls so well, his neighbors began to use him for their own dolls. At one time, he saved the king's daughter's life by helping her climb out of a well. King Croesus heard about the trick that Aesop had pulled and hired Aesop to live in the palace with his family.

Aesop later had his own farm, where he taught the animals to speak. Because he was so talented at using his powers of observation, Aesop made many friends and became very successful. Aesop was such a great success that the king eventually sent a messenger to Aesop's home, asking him to visit the king and deliver a message from the king. The message told Aesop to bring one of his animals with him, but the messenger did not say what animal to bring. Aesop took his donkey with him and headed for the king's palace. While the donkey carried him, Aesop told his animal to speak on his behalf and tell the king that he was just a poor boy and he had been sent to deliver a message from the king.

When the king's messenger arrived, Aesop presented the donkey to the messenger. The messenger saw that Aesop was nothing more than a poor boy. At first, the messenger didn't believe that the boy could really be the king's messenger. But after Aesop told the story of how he had hidden inside a jar to deliver the message, the messenger realized Aesop was telling the truth. Aesop was allowed to go with the messenger to deliver the message to the king, and Aesop eventually became a famous animal trner who taught other animals to speak.

#9: An Old Man

In ancient times, when animals were trned, they would use their mouths to show their trner which behavior they wanted to use when they were acting in a certn way. A very unusual animal trner in Japan used a different way to trn his animals. He had a large dog that he called "Baku," which meant "old man."

One day, Baku saw that a group of young men were trning themselves in the art of Judo. Baku could tell that they were in need of a little encouragement, so he got down on his belly and began to help the young men. The young men were pleased with Baku's help and asked him if he would like to join their judo club. Baku would be happy to join the club, and after he was a member, the men would call him "old man."

#8: An Antique Car

If you love antique cars, then you are probably excited about the chance to visit the antique car show that took place in the state of Indiana last year. There were over a thousand cars on display, and one of the cars that attracted the most attention was a 1933 Buick rville, which was owned by an old lady named Shirley.

Shirley decided that she wanted to be a part of this car show, and so she bought the most beautiful car she could find in order to compete. Shirley's Buick has all the right stuff, including a beautiful wooden car seat for her tiny daughter. When the antique car show people got to Shirley's car, they were very impressed. They sd that it was a Buick rville, and that Shirley looked like she was born to drive such a fine car. Shirley decided to use her own special talents to drive around in her car, and she did a pretty good job!

#7: A Great Way to Keep Children From Getting Sick

There are many ways to keep your children healthy, and one of the best ways is to keep them away from germs. Germs like to hang around in the r, and in order to stay out of trouble, germs like to hide in places where you can't see them. Children can easily catch germs from their hands, faces, and from the r that they breathe. They can also get germs from food or drinks, toys, and even from their own mouths.

So you want to keep your child away from germs, but what do you do about school? Well, schools are full of germs, and they are also full of sick children who are being spread around the whole school. But there is a way to keep children from getting sick, and that is to have them wear a mask.

If your children are old enough to

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