Happy mother day cat

Happy mother day cat

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Happy mother day cat ladies and cats. This is my special gift to you and your kitty. I wish all of you a Happy Mother Day filled with love, laughter, and the love of your cat(s). My cats know how much I love them. I have to confess that it takes a bit of restraint to not get down on my knees and give all of them a long, wet kiss, but this is a very special day. I dedicate it to the memory of my late mother, Nettie. Mother’s Day is the best day of the year.

If you need a little more reason to give your cat the motherly attention they need, check out these reasons for why a cat is the best dog.

1. Cats are more independent than dogs. Cats do not need a man’s constant attention or love. They will still seek it, but not always like they should.

2. Cats don’t cry when they have to go out. They don’t beg when they are hungry. Cats know that they get what they want when they want it.

3. Cats don’t drool or eat and poop around your home like a dog.

4. Cats are more independent and can go to the bathroom without telling you where they are going. Cats can wait until they get home from wherever they are going.

5. Cats don’t snore like dogs.

6. Cats love sleeping with you.

7. Cats are much more independent. They do not need to be fed. They do not have to be walked. They can go to sleep at anytime.

8. Cats are not prone to being housebroken. They can go outside and come back inside without needing to be taken outside.

9. Cats can go outside and come back inside without needing to be let in.

10. Cats are less needy than dogs. If a cat is hungry, they will find a way to get food. If a cat is thirsty, it will find a way to get a drink of water.

11. Cats do not make the messiest house. They don’t leave hair everywhere. If a cat is outside, there is a better chance than a dog that the cat will poop in a place that you will not find it.

12. Cats don’t run away from home or leave the yard unattended like dogs.

13. Cats are cleaner than dogs.

14. If you find a cat, you will find a cat.

15. Cats do not chase cars or other animals.

16. Cats don’t need to be socialized with other pets.

17. Cats can go out and come back in without having to be let in.

18. Cats can get to know other cats without having to socialize them.

19. If a cat gets lost, he/she will return home.

20. Cats will not be in your face when you return home from work or school. Cats don’t demand love.

21. Cats are good for your relationship with the opposite sex.

22. Cats are a good pet for children.

23. Cats do not need to be trained or socialized.

24. Cats are good for your relationships with your neighbors, family, and friends.

25. Cats are a good pet if you are allergic to dogs.

26. Cats don’t get excited over a piece of meat.

27. Cats don’t chase your shoes around the house.

28. Cats are more independent than dogs. They will still seek you out, but they don’t depend on you for love and affection.

29. Cats are less messy than dogs. They don’t pee on the couch, or leave messes around.

30. Cats are more independent.

31. Cats are better at hiding food than dogs.

32. Cats are less destructive than dogs.

33. Cats don’t make messes when they eat. They will be content with the amount they have and only eat when they are full.

34. Cats don’t have to be cleaned up after.

35. Cats don’t have a tendency to chew on things.

36. Cats don’t destroy your property.

37. Cats don’t eat your furniture.

38. Cats don’t eat or destroy your plants.

39. Cats don’t eat or destroy your clothes.

40. Cats are not as destructive as dogs.

41. Cats don’t bite, scratch, or maul you.

42. Cats don’t make a lot of noise.

43. Cats don’t bark at the neighbors.

44. Cats don’t bark or act up when you leave home.

45. Cats can be left alone at home or even on vacation.

46. Cats don’t smell.

47. Cats are great companions.

48. Cats are loyal companions.

49. Cats are good for children.

50. Cats are good for men.

51. Cats are good for seniors.

52. Cats are good for women.

53. Cats are good for couples.

54. Cats are good for people with disabilities.

55. Cats are good for people with allergies.

56. Cats are good for people with mental disabilities.

57. Cats are good for kids with autism.

58. Cats are good for kids with emotional disabilities.

59. Cats are good for kids with mental illness.

60. Cats are good for pets with allergies.

61. Cats are good for pets with mental disabilities.

62. Cats are good for pets with mental illness.

63. Cats are good for children with autism.

64. Cats are good for children with mental disabilities.

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