Is basmati rice ok for dogs

Is basmati rice ok for dogs?

I just bought a bag of organic basmati rice. I got 2 bags, so I bought the medium (4oz) and the small (3.5 oz) bags. I was thinking about adding a bag or 2 to my dog’s kibble for extra variety, but I’m not sure if it is ok. Can I use it?

I'm not a vet and can't say for sure, but I have dogs with allergies so basmati was in my shopping list. The medium was $4.49 and the small was $3.79.

I'd probably let him start with the smaller bag and move up to the larger after a few days.

My dog (2.5 years old, spayed female) has an allergy to rice. It started when we got her as a puppy (we live in an apartment and never gave her free access to a dog bed). When we got her, she never had it and it was a big deal for us at first. She would be up all night if I wasn’t home and would come to me for meals. I thought she was just having a reaction to our new house. Over the last two years, she has started reacting to the smell of rice. There are very few other issues that can expln it.

Her vet first thought it was dust allergies. He tested her and thought she was probably allergic to dust from the rice. I was glad to have another diagnosis. She can eat some, but if she is in a stressful situation where she can’t eat or drink, she has this immediate reaction where she starts shaking, then throwing up, then she is paralyzed for a minute or two. It is very scary. She gets bad diarrhea, gas and weight loss. I can’t tell you the last time she has eaten or drank anything without first reacting. It has happened several times that her reaction occurs when we are all out shopping, which is when I am home with her. She has also reacted when she was asleep. This is the only problem she has. It is so distressing to see my sweet dog, who is otherwise a happy and calm dog, having such a reaction to food that I would eat myself. We’ve talked about switching to chicken or turkey and not making a big deal about the fact that she does not eat rice, but we have not seen any improvement.

She was taken off of the rice 2 years ago. We can no longer use her in that scenario. What should we do to make her better? I would love to just give her free access to it all the time. Is that possible? Should I switch to chicken or turkey?

I am also posting this to the “allergies” category. We just got a kitten (6 months old) and she is now having breathing problems. Is there any food that she can be fed that is okay for her? We’ve tried chicken and she doesn’t react, but we worry about the long term effects. We just don’t want to make her sick.

Thanks for your question and for sharing your story with me. I understand how difficult it is to have a dog with allergies, but I also understand that as an owner, you want to make sure your dog is able to enjoy her food and enjoy her life. This, along with what I know from your account of your pup’s eating habits, may point to the issue of grn allergies in your dog. In my experience, when I meet with dogs with an allergy, I usually find the problem lies with the food itself. For instance, I see dogs that can handle and enjoy beef and seafood but not chicken, dogs that can handle and enjoy beef and salmon but not chicken, etc. It just seems that your dog’s issue isn’t the same with chicken, but rather the fact that she can’t handle the amount of protein in chicken, which is why she is having symptoms. If I’m right and the issue isn’t her food, but more with the grn content, then I would recommend switching to a better quality protein such as canned fish or chicken. You can also try cutting back on the amount that she eats for a while and see if her symptoms decrease. Just keep in mind that for every kilo of weight, a dog needs one pound of protein, and protein is just a protein. If you’re looking to switch to turkey or even other types of meat, you can ask the store to cut some of the turkey up into small bites. For example, if they have a 30 pound turkey breast, you could cut up a 15 pound breast and give it to your dog and see if she tolerates it. Sometimes, an undercooked piece of protein may still contn the correct amounts of amino acids and nutrients, just in a less digestible form.

If none of the above works, you can always put her on a vet visit. With the exception of yeast, many other diseases and conditions will have a similar looking problem, especially if you have a small breed. You can’t always blame the food.

Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

The only thing I would add is that the symptoms and amount of food may vary depending on the dog’s age and life stage. For example, my dog usually becomes really sick and bloated with age, and requires a higher protein diet. But it doesn’t mean that if you have a younger dog, they won’t be the same.

Thank you so much for this!! I had suspected that the high protein food was the cause of my dog’s chronic diarrhea, but have you come across anything that has helped with the diarrhea? I’ve been feeding her a couple of times a day, as recommended.

I would like to give my dog meat. What would be the best type of dog to give? She is 13 years old.

I would recommend either beef or venison. I’ve only ever fed beef to my dog, but if she wouldn’t have the problem with the raw meat, then I think it would be fine. I think venison would be a little more processed, and may cause the opposite problem, as it would seem “weird” to some dogs. But it’s my only suggestion.

Do you have any recommendations on how to give our dog bone marrow? It has to be ground to a powder first. I found a brand called “Nature’s Variety”, but I don’t know how much it’s a pound.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions on how to give marrow. I would suggest researching the ingredients on the “Nature’s Variety” product, and searching for one that lists marrow as a component. (If there isn’t one, I’m sure it’s just the type of meat in the product).

When I feed my dog and my 3 year old son, my son can choke if I let him and my dog eats out of the same bowl. I always carry my son to the kitchen and have my son feed the dog. That way, the son can’t choke my dog as I feed him.

My dog is 18 months old and very food aggressive. When I try to put food in her dish he takes a huge chunk out of her. It breaks my heart because she isn’t aggressive toward me or the kids. Is it just going to get worse or does anyone have any tips

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