Beatles dog in a hot car

Beatles dog in a hot car

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Beatles dog in a hot car.

If the new book by the BBC's reporter Mark Lawson is to be believed, a Beatles' song was written and recorded by the band after one of their cars died and overheated in a Florida hotel in 1964.

The story goes that, during a flight from Miami to New York via London, the Fab Four were met with the news that their dog, "Penny Lane", had died.

They were left "devastated" and the lyrics of "I'll Follow the Sun", recorded on their 1964 visit to Los Angeles, supposedly came from the moment.

The song, "We can work it out/ We can make it after all", was supposedly an attempt to cheer themselves up during their grief and was allegedly the first song written by Lennon.

"When they flew back from Los Angeles, John, Paul, George and Ringo returned to the hotel in Miami, where 'Penny Lane' had died, only to find that the heat had been turned up to '90°C (195°F) or above' in the small back of the convertible," according to a description by the Dly Ml.

"It was an incredibly hot day and John decided it was a good idea to leave the windows open."

The story's author, who first broke the news in February last year, has now gone into even greater detl in a book that promises to blow fans' minds.

He writes: "In the back of the car was a dog called Penny, which John Lennon had rescued from a kennel as a puppy in April 1964 and, when the band were in Miami in July, had taken to the hotel with them, sleeping in the front seat and often in the band's luggage.

"The day after their return, John found out the dog was dead and was devastated, telling the band that he was 'the worst Beatle since I was the worst Beatle since the war', according to his daughter, Mary. 'He sd the dog had died in his arms and then we all started trying to write a song, to help each other through the trauma of losing Penny.

"It was called "I'll Follow the Sun". It was an attempt to cheer everyone up and the lyrics came from the moment, as John was holding the dog in his arms, when they told him Penny had died.'

Lawson, whose previous book on the band, Backbeat, was a commercial and critical hit, was first tipped off about the alleged song's origins by a source who had come across old notes for it.

He then confirmed the story with three people he interviewed - a former manager of the band, John's cousin and Paul's wife, Linda, who all confirmed the story's central thesis.

Lawson then tracked down the manager, George Martin, and he confirmed the story - although he sd it was only a rumour. He sd: "It's a rumour, but it's true. I've never heard anything so good."

According to the book, there are several songs written by John during the tour which he recorded with the band and then gave up.

The songs include "I'm Not Saying," "Honey Don't," "Goodnight," "You're Going to Lose That Girl" and "Here Comes the Sun".

The author also clms that, during the visit to Los Angeles, a studio version of a track called "The Real Me" was recorded.

It was then given to a radio station in Washington D.C, who played it at the start of its breakfast show and the song went top of the charts. It was also the band's first hit in the US.

The author goes on to say: "The'real me' could well be the Beatles, and the song could also be autobiographical. Lennon wrote it in the wake of the death of his first wife, Cynthia. But it's hard to be sure what it means, and even if we could, it's certnly not autobiographical in any strghtforward sense.

"Lennon, the first song he wrote after finding out about Penny Lane's death, is about 'I'll follow the sun'."

Lennon's first wife, Cynthia, died in 1966 when John was still married to his second wife, the mother of his daughter, Mary.

In the book, the author clms that, in the wake of Cynthia's death, John Lennon decided to live more in the moment. He writes: "I'll follow the sun/ I'll follow the wind/ I'll follow the rn/ I'll follow the rn/ Until I find my place."

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

I think I might buy a copy to see if there's any truth in this. I've seen the "Paul is dead" theory before - I'm not sure I believe it, but I can't dismiss it out of hand.

You can't argue with the facts though, so it's got to be true?

I think I might buy a copy to see if there's any truth in this. I've seen the "Paul is dead" theory before - I'm not sure I believe it, but I can't dismiss it out of hand.

You can't argue with the facts though

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