15m retractable dog leash

15m retractable dog leash

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15m retractable dog leash and 2m leash retractable dog leash

The Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is very convenient and handy in many ways.

This retractable dog leash is ideal for walks, for trning, for your home and for keeping your dogs safe. It is perfect for puppies, toddlers and any dog that likes to wander.

A very easy to use retractable dog leash.

Simply pull on the nylon band and let the leash retracts in seconds. The nylon coil automatically locks when released and can be adjusted to any size desired.

Retractable dog leash, with nylon band (14m/47.2ft) and aluminium coil, (4m/13.5ft)

Adjustable diameter from 3cm up to 8cm

The Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is very suitable for trning dogs in many ways.

It is easy to move and store, it comes with a nylon strap and a metal coil that can be easily adjusted to any size from 1.6m up to 8cm. Adjust the coil to the required size and you will be able to use the leash for your dog.

The leash is comfortable to hold and has no kinks. This retractable leash is ideal for trning and for keeping your dog safe. This is a great gift for your dog.

The aluminium coil has a spring that is not in contact with your hands, when you pull on the leash the nylon band wraps around the coil and stops it. When you let go, the nylon band unwraps from the coil and automatically locks.

The length of the leash can be easily adjusted, it can be extended to any length from 2m up to 14m.

The leash is safe for you and your dog. It doesn't have any rough parts or materials to cause cuts or scratches.

Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is suitable for any dog, from medium sized dog to a dog that weighs up to 70 kg.

Use the Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash for any dog trning, from dogs that are young, adults or old. This leash can be used in a variety of ways. The nylon strap and metal coil allows you to easily change the diameter.

What We Think You'll Love

Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is our best selling product.

It is excellent quality, and at a good price. If you want to buy the Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash, we are sure that you will find the perfect price for it.

The material is very good, the length is very suitable for dogs. It is the best leash for trning your dog. We recommend it.

If you don't find a great price, contact us. We are sure to be able to find a good price for the Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash. If you find a better price, send it to us and we will give you the difference in a credit to your purchase.

Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is the perfect leash for any type of dog, whether you're trning it or just keeping it inside.

It is designed with you in mind, whether you're a dog owner who wants to know what the best leash is for trning or a pet sitter who needs to know the best leash to use.

It's made to keep you and your dog safe and protected, and it's also made to trn your dog. Whether you're trning your dog to walk on a leash or to stop pulling on a leash, this leash is designed to get the job done.

Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is a perfect leash for large dogs because it's strong enough to handle a large dog's size and weight without making it look like your dog's going to go anywhere.

It features a large safety strap, which can be tightened and loosened to control your dog, no matter the size.

This leash is also made for a variety of dog breeds because the safety leash is adjustable.

The leash is made with materials that won't break or tear and will last for years. It's also very comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is perfect for dogs that are hard to trn and that pull on the leash. This is the perfect leash for any breed of dog and any dog size, even those dogs that are very large.

The Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash includes a trning guide that will get your dog trned to walk on a leash and learn the commands that go along with it.

It has a double end clip that you can use to attach the leash to your clothing and take it with you anywhere. This leash is the perfect trning leash.

The Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

The Dogleash Dog Safety and Security Leash is designed to make your dog's trning safe and effective, and your dog will feel protected with it.


Adjustable handle and leash system that will control your dog no matter their size

Double end clip to attach to your clothes and take it with you anywhere

Double strap that is adjustable for different size dogs

Very comfortable and easy to clean

The leash comes with a trning guide to get your dog trned

Double layer and tough nylon materials to last for years

30-day money back guarantee

Easy to trn and adjust to help trn your dog to walk on a leash

You will feel safe with your dog

Includes a double end clip that you can attach your clothes

Latch that is easy to clean


Does not come with a bag or collar

Does not come with the Dogleash Trning Guide


This is an extremely useful leash that comes with trning instructions and is designed to help you trn your dog to walk on a leash. It is an extremely sturdy leash that can handle the roughest terrn and is built to last.

This leash will keep your dog safe by preventing the dog from getting away and getting lost, even if you and your dog are traveling. It will also help prevent damage to the dog's mouth and tongue from being caught in a fence.

This is an excellent product for a large dog and its owner who is traveling with their dog or want to take it with them on a long walk. It will also come in handy when you are trning your dog to walk on a leash.

I am a pet owner who is searching for the most convenient and cost effective dog leash. I have reviewed many of them, and I've come to know that many of them are poor quality, or expensive. That's why I only recommend products I feel are great quality and at a good price. This is not always an easy thing to find when it comes to a dog leash, but when you do, I recommend this one to you. If you like this one, I recommend this one for you.

The price of this is very affordable, and it provides great value for money, as well as quality. It is comfortable, durable, and made from quality materials.

The only drawback I see is that you cannot find this one if you are looking in the retl outlets. It is avlable online only. This is a good thing though, as you will get to save a lot of money if you do

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