How did the cat get so fat

How did the cat get so fat

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How did the cat get so fat?" "What kind of cat is this, that looks like a teddy bear?" "How come you don't want him?" "I just can't keep him." "Can't you keep him?" "How could he just disappear like that?" "I found this note under the cat tree." "He says that he's got a friend who's going to take care of him for me." "Oh, look, you know, this guy will take great care of him." "How do you know this?" "Because I was just about his age when I had a cat that needed to be fed every half hour and took up half my bedroom." "And I swear, if it wasn't for my neighbor who just walked in and saw me at it, he would have starved." "You're right." "It's a great deal." "If it's the right thing for you." "So, what do you say?" "Come on, you big lug." "Here, here, here, here." "Good." "Okay, you stay there and you be good, good boy." "Be a good cat." "So, what do you think?" "Hey, I didn't say that it was going to be easy." "Just do it." "You don't think I can do it?" "I'm not talking about me." "I'm talking about this guy." "Well, if he can do it, so can I." "I'm doing it." "Yes!" "Here we go." "All right, we're going to do it now, all right?" "Okay." "All right." "All right." "There we go." "I got him!" "I got him!" "I got him." "I got him." "I got him." "All right, he's back." "Good." "He's back." "He's back!" "I got him." "He's back!" "I got him!" "I got him." "Oh, my..." "He's back." "I got him." "Oh, God, I got him." "I got him." "I got him." "Here, little guy." "Come on." "Good." "Yeah." "All right." "Come on." "Okay." "Oh, yeah." "All right, come on, little guy." "You all right, kitty?" "Yeah, he's a little cranky." "He doesn't like being left in the car." "I'll keep that in mind." "He doesn't like me." "Well, of course he likes you." "He's just going to need a little more time, that's all." "Hey, come here." "Yeah." "I'll go with him." "So, how was that?" "It was good." "Yeah." "You think that it would be all right if I just left them in the car while I take a shower?" "Of course, it's not like they're going to burn the place down or anything." "Hey, that's funny." "Oh, God." "I'm so sorry." "I'm so clumsy." "Oh, my God." "Oh, you're bleeding." "I'm so sorry." "It's all right." "It's all right." "Here, let me get you something to clean that up with." "Let me get that." "I got it." "I got it." "Sorry." "Let me get that, let me get that." "Sorry." "Let me get that for you." "Sorry." "Sorry." "I'm really sorry." "It's okay, it's okay." "I'm so sorry." "It's okay." "It's okay." "It's okay." "I got it." "I got it." "It's okay." "It's okay." "It's okay." "I got it." "I got it." "It's okay." "I got it." "You're okay." "Oh, my God." "My cat." "I got to go get my cat." "I got to go get my cat." "Yeah, sure." "Of course." "Come here." "Yeah, I got to go get my cat." "It's okay." "It's okay." "It's okay." "It's okay." "Come here." "No, no, no." "It's okay." "Come here." "It's okay." "Here, it's okay." "Come here." "Hey." "Come on, I got to get my cat." "It's okay." "No, no." "Come here." "No." "I got to get my cat." "He's so little." "No." "I got to get my cat." "He's so little." "No." "No, I'm sorry." "No, no, no." "No." "No, no, no." "No." "No." "No." "Come here." "He's going to get away." "I got to get..." "No." "No, no, no." "I got to get my cat." "No." "No." "No." "I'm sorry." "Hey." "Hey." "Hey, hey, hey." "There you go." "There you go." "You're going to be okay." "There you go." "There you go." "There you go." "There you go." "There you go." "You're going to be okay." "That's it." "Come here, come here." "Oh, my God." "You all right?" "I'm all right." "Here, I got you." "Here." "I got you." "Come here." "What's your name?" "Oh, yeah, he's a good cat." "Come on, you big lug." "You stay right there." "Stay." "There you go." "Yeah." "Stay there." "I got you." "It's okay." "I'm going to be fine." "Yeah, I got you." "I got you." "Oh, God." "I got you

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