Bungou stray dogs season 3

Bungou stray dogs season 3

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Bungou stray dogs season 3 ep.4

Episode 4 (4)


Tobita's dog, Haruki is injured and has to be hospitalized. After a while, his condition is fine. So, the family starts calling him Harukix. The dog likes it, and it feels at home. But, after that incident, he realizes that he cannot return to the family without being hospitalized. He wants to become an independent person and decides to work with a vet.

After that, he meets a dog that is always sick and has a huge tumor. The vet, who doesn't care about the dog, decides to euthanize it. However, Harukix tries to convince him not to. The dog doesn't have any chance to survive, but it is still living and it wants to live. So, they adopt it. After a while, it also starts to work with a vet.

The first vet is a strict one, but she helps him to get used to work. After that, he helps her to treat patients.

Kurumi's mom is getting better. She decides to get some rest, and asks him to look after the house. He also starts his studies.

Haruki and the dog are still working together and try to earn their living. But, their business isn't doing so well. They find some customers, but Haruki doesn't have enough money for his business.

The vet wants to continue his work, and asks the dog to work with him, too. They decide to have a workshop. Haruki makes a new plan to earn money, but he doesn't work so much. However, the vet gets him work and he decides to take advantage of that opportunity and also make more money.

The first time that he has more work is on a farm. After some work, he meets a stray that had a problem, and he takes it to the vet. When he comes back, he learns that it died because the owner had neglected it. So, he helps to bury it.

After that, he becomes very close with the stray and starts to feel responsible for it. He even decides to name it "Chibi".

He decides to look for more work and he goes to the hospital.

He wants to find a vet who could help the stray. However, he finds a vet that makes the patient die, because he cannot cure him, and he also finds a vet that wants to make money from the death of the patients. So, he tries to find a new vet.

After a while, he finds out that a famous dog breeder is trying to make money with the dogs that he owns. He also learns that he has to work together with a butcher to make the butcher have money to buy a dog that is sick, so he has to help the butcher in order to see Chibi.

However, when they find Chibi, he is in a bad shape. He needs to be hospitalized. He meets a vet, but he feels that the vet is also involved with this operation. After some thought, he decides to work with him. The operation is successful and the dog can get better.

He also realizes that the vet wants to do all the work to earn money.

Kurumi becomes a little bit worried when she realizes that she forgot to take her phone. So, she decides to go to a store to buy a new phone. On the way, she finds an abandoned dog. She thinks that this dog has a bad odor, so she brings it home to look after.

She is sure that her sister will get upset with her. However, she wants to take care of the dog and she thinks that it might not be a good idea to leave it in the street.

When the sister finds out that she has a dog, she asks her to keep it in the house. However, Haruki and the dog decide to keep it with them and work with it. After a while, they realize that they cannot stay at home without it and they decide to find a house to live in.

He finds a nice house, but he also finds a lot of problems with the house. First, the house is not safe for Chibi and he can't stay there with him. Second, he wants to earn money to have money and he is not sure if this house will earn money, but they can't leave it.

They have some problems. The house doesn't allow them to use the bathroom. Kurumi cannot make food for him. He is not allowed to go to the street for food.

Eventually, they decide to go to the street and buy food for Chibi. When they come back, they see the vet and his wife. The vet doesn't want them to work with Chibi, but they cannot do anything, because the house doesn't allow them to. After some days, the house is not safe for them. So, they decide to leave.

After that, they decide to find a way to save money. So, they decide to make some work.

However, after some work, Chibi can't stand it. He feels tired and he is not in a good shape. The vet takes him to a shelter, but they don't want him because they think that Chibi is a bad dog. After some time, Haruki decides to save him.

Kurumi's father is getting sick. He is worried about the family.

She is also thinking about her life. She realizes that she wants to continue her studies, so she decides to study to become a nurse. The job of a nurse is more rewarding for her.

However, Haruki and the dog want to do something different. They want to make something for themselves, instead of earning money.

They find a nice house, but it needs some work. So, they decide to help to fix the house and they get some money. However, the house doesn't seem to be as nice as the other house.

They also have to make more work to earn money. However, Chibi doesn't like to make work. The vet tells them

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