Can dogs eat sunflower butter

Can dogs eat sunflower butter

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Can dogs eat sunflower butter, honey and pumpkin seeds?

The answer depends on your dog. While I don’t think the idea of your dog eating a small amount of these foods is likely to be a major health concern, your vet may well have specific guidelines for feeding them to your dog. In fact, sunflower butter and pumpkin seeds might in fact be too high in certn vitamins and minerals, which could cause diarrhea, vomiting or both.

In terms of honey, this will obviously be dependent on the specific brand and may include traces of certn natural ingredients like stevia.

When to feed your dog?

If you are using these foods for nutritional supplementation and not as a replacement for regular meals, then by all means include them! In fact, a few dogs love eating sunflower seeds, so that should be added to their diet every day.

Make sure your dog is eating a balanced, healthy diet every day and don’t over feed or offer too much of a food in a short period.

This will ensure your dog is consuming a balanced diet, without eating too much of one food. Your dog may need some food replacements due to specific health issues and eating too much of a single food could cause some other health problems as well.

So, I don’t see this causing any harm to your dog, but I would rather encourage moderation and limit feeding your dog as much of any single food as possible.

In general, adding some extra foods to your dog’s diet can be great, but don’t over do it or feed too much of any single food. For example, adding some sunflower seeds to your dog’s food is a great idea, but too much will certnly cause GI problems.


Adding sunflower seeds to your dog’s food is a great way to provide some extra nutrients and also a good way to help with your dog’s digestion.

However, just like all foods and supplements, too much of any food can cause issues. So, remember to keep an eye on your dog and do regular weigh in’s to see if your dog’s weight is dropping or losing too much weight.

In addition, if your dog is having digestive issues, then it may be time to contact your vet to discuss what is going on.

I hope you and your dog enjoy the sunflower seeds and keep an eye on any possible side effects.

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I think the addition of sunflower seeds is an excellent way to add nutrients, even if your dog is on a restricted diet.

I’m curious about your dog’s weight – if he’s ‘dropping’, but doesn’t appear to be undernourished, I’d be concerned he might have other health issues.

Thanks for commenting.

Your dog’s weight is a great question and I hadn’t really thought about this.

I would be a little concerned and if he’s not having any other health issues, I would certnly encourage your vet to check out any possible health issues related to weight loss. However, my vet told me that this was often the case with dogs with weight issues.

Thanks for your comment.

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