Can dogs eat saffron

Can dogs eat saffron

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Can dogs eat saffron?

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. You’d imagine that there’d be a lot of dogs gobbling down the world’s most expensive spice. Or that the dogs who do eat it would look really smart eating it. Or at least they would make cute pictures of themselves eating it, and put it on their Myspace pages. Alas, none of these things is the case.

Instead, they’re all out there eating everything else but the saffron.

Can Dogs Eat Saffron?

So, should you be concerned that your dog likes saffron so much? The truth is that dogs do eat it, but not because they’re all that clever or they’re doing it to look cool. They’re eating it because it tastes good, and saffron does taste good to dogs, and they don’t think twice about it. The thing is, this doesn’t always mean they’re eating it in normal circumstances.

The Problem With Spices and Small Dogs

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that the smaller your dog is, the more of a risk they are of harming themselves and damaging their insides by ingesting harmful spices.

You might be wondering what these harmful spices are, and the answer is: all the other spices in your spice cupboard! This is because spices in general are made up of lots of ingredients, including things like cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and mustard. Each of these things has a very specific purpose, and when they go into a dish of food like saffron, they combine to create a much more complex dish that is both much more interesting and more nutritious for your dog.

But because these ingredients are complex, they’re often not very easy for your dog to recognize. They don’t often associate them with their favourite treats, and so are much more likely to ingest these things unknowingly.

So what are the results of this?

Firstly, you need to be careful with how much you’re offering. The idea that small dogs might need more of a treat or a piece of their dinner than a larger dog doesn’t stand up to any logical basis, but it can cause problems when you’re looking for any signs of toxicity. If your dog shows any of the following signs after eating something spicy:



vomiting blood

red patches

the thing to do is throw the whole lot away, because you know that your dog’s been eating something they shouldn’t have been eating. If you don’t have an immediate way to do this, or if your dog shows any of these symptoms, call a vet right away. They might be able to find out what’s causing the problems and help you get rid of the offending treat.

But also, be careful with what you’re offering.

There’s nothing inherently bad about a few pieces of hotdog, as long as they’re small pieces that your dog doesn’t get a massive amount of. You should be careful with how much of any one kind of hot dog you offer.

I’m a massive fan of spicy chicken drumsticks – they’re great for dogs of all sizes. I just wouldn’t offer them too often, because of the danger in your dog just swallowing one of the wings whole. They’re very tasty, so they’ll naturally want to eat them, and sometimes your dog will have no idea that they’ve eaten a hotdog that will be causing issues. But if they’re eaten in moderation they’re nothing to worry about.

It’s the hotdogs that could be dangerous. The problem with hotdogs is that, unlike say, kibble, they’re not designed to be safely swallowed by dogs.

They don’t go down easily. In fact, if you give your dog a hotdog, they’re likely to try to eat it. Their canine stomachs won’t easily break the hotdogs down into usable parts for their bodies. And, if they do break down the hotdog and get into their digestive system, they’ll have no way of getting the contents of the hotdog out of their bodies. They won’t be able to cough it up, or let it flow from their intestines, and even if they do manage to get the hotdog out of their digestive system, they’ll have no way of processing the waste they have already eaten.

This isn’t going to just make your dog sick or uncomfortable. It could even be fatal.

So while it’s okay to offer your dog a hotdog once in a while as a reward for a job well done, they should only be offered to your dog in moderation, and if you’re really nervous about the possible side-effects, you should avoid them altogether.

As far as we know, eating hotdogs is just another food choice that will be safe for dogs. But it’s not the only one. As I mentioned before, if you want to give your dog one of the good-for-them diets, there are plenty of them that will not harm their health.

So that’s it for this week’s Doggie Minute. I hope you and your dog enjoy it.

If you’ve enjoyed this Doggie Minute, please do subscribe to the YouTube channel, and if you’d like, please leave me a comment down below.

Thank you for listening.

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Thanks for visiting my website. Your blog and podcast on healthy dog food are both excellent, and you’re so right about the hotdog, it is too good for a dog. We were just trying to encourage the owners to stay away from the processed dog foods, as it is better to use natural products.

The dogs are lucky. My friend’s dog is still having problems from them.

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