Denamarin advanced large dog

Denamarin advanced large dog

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Denamarin advanced large dog breeds

We have a 3-year-old German shepherd that has just recently begun to limp when she walks, her right front paw has gone soft. It's been a long time coming, we suspect that she might have had arthritis as a pup. As a precaution, we've had her on OrthoCare for a couple of months now, and also give her daily meds. We've seen an improvement since, but are still wondering if we should try a different product. She has an occasional "snap" when she walks or gets up. Her weight is stable and she does not seem to have any joint issues other than the limp.

She has some pretty mild hair loss, but we were not prepared for the amount of shedding that's been happening since she has been on the product. There have been many occasions when her coat was "normal" one day and all over the floor the next.

She is also not chewing on her feet or tail, and will shake her head off and fluff up her coat when it bothers her. She seems to be happy with her life.

What products would be safe for her? We've been using Ortho-Care, but they have just released a new formula that they feel is more effective.

My dog's skin has been getting dryer and flakier since he's been using these. When we get the flaky scabs that he has been developing, he's been using the ointment and the anti-fungal spray. Has anyone else noticed that their dog's skin has gotten dryer and flakier?

I have a 3 yr. old GSD male. He started limping when he was 3yrs. Old. It was the front right paw. It started as a limp. We are getting to a point where the limp has become a serious problem. He will walk but the limp is more severe. The vet took xrays and it showed nothing major. She thought it was just old age.

My vet recommended OrthoCare, he is on it now for about 2mo. My vet said there has been a lot of studies on the OrthoCare and it's been proven to reduce it. I agree, when I noticed the limp I did a lot of research and found a lot of info and thought it was arthritis or a bone issue. But now with the OrthoCare I have the opposite problem.

He has been on it for 2mo. He is a very sensitive animal and will not take anything other than a couple drops of the OrthoCare on his tongue. I do not want to use the spray on him. When the OrthoCare is on his skin he gets rashes. He will go into heat and get a sore where the skin comes off the bone.

I do have him on a raw food diet. And, I have a lot of water. He has been drinking a lot of water, more than I normally feed. I had my vet do a blood work up and they all came back normal. The OrthoCare is a non-medicinal product. I did look at the ingredient list and there is not a lot of anything in the ingredients. The ingredient list is so long, I did not even look at it.

So, I was thinking of switching him to a different product. But I would like to try something different that has more ingredients in it.

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? My vet says she does not know. She says she has never heard of such a thing.

I think she is concerned about the reaction my dog will have to a new product, especially since I have read that it can cause a lot of rashes. I am really concerned.

My dog started having bad pain in her left rear foot at the time when she was 8 months old. She limped a lot. The pain got worse when she was 1 year old, and she was diagnosed with patella luxation (PL) on her left rear leg at the vet. She had surgery and the doctor tried to repair it. The surgery was done in March 2010 and she has been on pain medication for almost a year. Her right rear leg was normal.

Her symptoms got worse when she was 3 years old, and she had a second surgery to repair it. She still is not doing very well, and I am really concerned.

Her symptoms include a lot of discomfort in her hind leg and the pain does not go away. She has constant pain and she just wants to lay down and take it easy. When she limps it does not hurt as much as when she doesn't. She limps constantly.

She is also constantly on a crate, in the house and on the bed. The pain is so bad she refuses to walk at all. She will walk only short distances, then she just stops and sits down.

The doctor has tried to reduce the pain by putting her on different medicines. We have tried different ways to treat her with her pain. We have tried non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NS Ds). She is on some good pain medicine, but it is not doing enough.

After her second surgery, her doctor gave her some pain medicine to take when the pain gets bad. She is now on two medicines, which is enough for her pain. She has been on this for almost a year.

She is on pain medication for her leg.

She does not have arthritis.

She has no problems with her back legs.

She eats a lot. We had to put her on a diet because she was gaining weight. She now weighs around 45 lbs. and has been on a raw food diet for almost a year.

What can I do to relieve her pain?

When I read your posts, I really am impressed by how much you have researched the OrthoCare and the ingredient in it. I am so impressed. I never would have guessed that there would be such a difference in dogs when they take the OrthoCare.

We were so worried about giving my dog this product because we were reading that it is not meant for dogs. We


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