North face salty dog gloves

North face salty dog gloves

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North face salty dog gloves


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It’s the end of the season, or at least one season, at the ski resorts in Aspen/Snowmass. The sun is setting on the summer, the snow is melting, and the season’s end is in sight. While you’ve been busy enjoying a nice weekend of skiing in Aspen, the weather has been more than accommodating, with clear skies and crisp mountn r, and now it’s time to head back down to Denver or back to home base. Here are a few tips for surviving your season-ending weekend or mid-season break:

Pack appropriately – You’re going to have to wear layers for the days you’ll be walking the mountn in the sun, and you’ll need to wear a cap in the evening to keep the sun off your skin and the cold out. Be sure to pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a long-sleeve top, a pr of light weight pants, and comfortable boots. If you need more clothes than that, try wearing a sweater over a long-sleeve shirt and pants.

Wear sunscreen – Make sure you’re covered up, not just with a hat, but with sunscreen. Use at least a SPF 15.

Know the mountn and where you’re going – Find the mountn you want to climb. Figure out the elevation and terrn you’ll be traversing. Do the research and figure out the best time of day to climb. Find the chr lifts and trl heads for your favorite climbs. Learn how to avoid the crowds. This is all a part of the “survival” when you’re off the mountn and just trying to get home.

Leave early – Leave the day after the last day of skiing/riding to get back to Denver or your home base. If you’re going to be staying in a hotel overnight in Aspen, leave the night before. It’s more pleasant to get an early start than to try to be a last minute guest. Plus, with the crowds gone, the mountn will be more pleasant and less crowded to climb.

Know your limits – Ski/ride like you have the best equipment on the mountn, and that you’ve been there before and know how the mountn works.

Know your vehicle – Plan to get from the hotel to the mountn, and back. Do a little planning ahead and know your way back.

Be prepared – Have a cellphone in your vehicle, and plan to use it if something does go wrong. This is a different mountn than what you might be used to, so keep that in mind.

Take a moment to reflect – Take a moment to think about your season, the lessons you learned and how your skiing/riding has helped you in life. What do you have to be grateful for? What do you need to work on next season?

So, you’re ready to head out for a long weekend in Aspen, but you’re worried about getting there and what you’ll be wearing. You’ve probably got a pr of ski pants and a t-shirt, or maybe a pr of jeans and a pr of socks. How much else do you really need? You can dress comfortably and stylishly when you pack a few extra things for yourself. Here are a few essentials you might need for your trip.

Winter Boots – The boots you’re used to wearing are perfect for the snow, but they might not be the best for the mountn. Look at the boots you have and look at the terrn you’ll be on. You might need a more sturdy pr of boots.

Snowboard Boots – The snowboard boots you wear for the day in the snow are not going to cut it on the mountn. Your boots need to be sturdy and provide a little more support.

Gloves – You can’t be skiing or riding without your hands. The gloves you have might not be up to the task. Look for a pr of gloves that offer a little more protection for your hands and wrists.

A Winter Coat – It can get cold in Colorado in the winter. Look for a coat that will keep you warm and provide a little extra protection.

Layers – You might not realize how cold it can get in Colorado in the winter, so look for layers that will keep you warm. Wear a sweater over a t-shirt, and put on a jacket over that. Be sure to pack layers that will keep you warm and not be too bulky.

Winter Pants – A pr of warm pants that will keep you warm will make you comfortable and give you the most freedom to move. You might have a pr of jeans and a pr of socks. Try to make your pant leg a little longer than the length of your socks.

Winter Hat – A hat is going to keep the sun out of your eyes. Make sure it’s big enough to provide coverage and a little more protection.

Pack a little extra – This can be a hard one. It’s always good to be prepared, but it can be a challenge. Find the extra things that you’re sure to need during your stay and pack them. Be sure to make room for them in your suitcase or backpack.

Get the most from your Aspen vacation by packing a few extras. Dress comfortably, but also look stylish and ready to head out for some fun. It’s your chance to enjoy some much-needed downtime, so make the most of it and be prepared.

Do you love a great snow day, but sometimes you just need to take a break and get away from it all? Or maybe you’re ready to take a skiing vacation and want to check out some of Colorado’s most famous resorts. Here are a few of our favorite Colorado ski resorts.

Aspen Snowmass

Aspen is a bit of a drive from Denver, but with the mountn views, fresh powder, and incredible food, it’s a great place to


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