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Cats are preparing for Christmas

Cats are preparing for Christmas

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In the house of this cat gang, the Christmas preparations are in full swing and all velvet paws are participating. Whether that is in the interests of their owners is irrelevant for the sweet velvet paws - after all, it is Christmas only once a year and they make full use of it!

Oh, what can't you do with Christmas decorations? The slide tour in the Christmas party hat is really popular with the house tigers, but everything else must be inspected and explored very carefully.

One of them wants to go particularly high and makes a small but fortunately gentle departure from the ladder that the owner has put down to decorate and of course the famous Christmas ball test should not be forgotten! The largest of the Scottish Fold cats is responsible for this and in the end everyone is sure: Christmas can come!

Animal Christmas friends are already looking forward to the festival


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