Why does my dog lick my ears

Why does my dog lick my ears

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Why does my dog lick my ears and face?

My 2 year old female dog licks my ears and my face when I am with her. It started when I noticed that she licked the bottom of her mouth and nose when she was eating. When I got her I think she was doing the same thing to me, but it has only occurred over the last 2 years. I am thinking she thinks that it makes her more comfortable.

It looks like more of a concern than a problem. If you want your dog to stop licking you when you are with her, you need to take the time to correct her behavior. I wouldn't get too concerned about it now, until she starts to lick more frequently or more intensely, or if she starts to lick your eyes or other more sensitive parts of your body.

It seems to me like you are saying you don't want your dog to do this, if you don't have a clear understanding of what is actually going on with your dog. I don't think the reason she licks you is that she thinks it makes her more comfortable, and if that were the case, I would think you would have a better understanding of what is going on in her head.

Maybe she is trying to "love on" you in a non-sexual way, but I wouldn't think a normal healthy dog would be inclined to do that, unless it is a very young or un-socialized dog, a puppy with separation anxiety issues, or a dog that has had issues in the past and is trying to be nice or loving to you in a loving, non-sexual way.

I would definitely pay attention to what she is doing, to see if you can determine what it is she is trying to do, and whether you are encouraging her behavior or not.

In the case of ear licking, your dog's mouth isn't the place to be licking. I don't think she can lick your ears from a place other than your dog's mouth. There is a certn place on your dog's ear where your dog's tongue normally resides, I think, and that is most definitely NOT your dog's mouth. Your dog should not be lapping, or licking any part of your body.

My two dogs did this sort of thing to each other, and it was very cute, but in my case, I was making them do it. They were both quite young at the time, so they were still figuring things out, but as my dogs got older, they stopped doing this, and now they know better.

If you think your dog is doing this because she doesn't like something about your nose or your face, that could be. I think it's more likely that your dog is just trying to get your attention.

To determine whether or not your dog is doing this to "love" on you, you might want to think about asking her what she is thinking or trying to do.

Dogs will act this way sometimes, they are very curious animals, and want to see what you do and what you look like. That's fine, but it's NOT okay to pet your dog. If you do, and she is eating on you, she might get used to it. Don't let it happen agn, for that reason, and for the one above.

In my case, my dog did this all the time. I made her do it a few times, but it was too bad. She eventually figured out what it was she was supposed to be doing, and stopped.

I would try to make sure she isn't lapping on you, but if you can't make that happen, don't do it in her mouth! That's a no-no.

I would be happy to help you with any other dog behavior you might be having problems with. You can just let me know if there is anything I can do.

Please be careful when feeding your dog and make sure to give her what she needs when she's hungry. Don't forget that a hungry dog is more likely to get into mischief, be it eating your shoes or your dog toys. Make sure to also have safe toys and places to hide your things!

Don't forget to walk your dog and take her for a stroll on a leash every day, and also for potty breaks every night! That way, she gets exercise and you get some alone time!

I hope this helps you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Do you know why your dog is being aggressive to your partner? Is she jealous or is she trying to communicate?

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Did your dog ever bite someone else's pet or someone else?

If so, what happened?

I've seen that happen to some dogs. It's really hard to tell. I would need to see the full picture. I know it hurts to lose your beloved pet and I'm sorry that you're going through this.

Thanks for the honesty. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your pet.

I know your pet is not dead. It's still alive somewhere. Please have your pet microchipped so we can find it.

How did the other person react to the bite?

The next step is to find out who else your dog is going to bite. Can you keep an eye on your dog until you can find out?

Thanks for being patient with me. If you don't mind, I have

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