Sweet pea dog shampoo

Sweet pea dog shampoo

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Sweet pea dog shampoo

I have curly coated dogs, and it's soooo hard to get that shampoo to lather up. I tried a few shampoos and they were all really thick and hard to get to lather. I then went to a store that sold pure natural products and their pea shampoo was like a liquid, and it was easy to lather up and did the job well.

I also tried this one and it's pretty good, but I think the first one is better.


Thanks for the heads up! I tried to get my dogs to take baths, but I never could. I found this product on Amazon, and I'll be using it in the fall (when they're supposed to have a bath anyway.) I'll keep you posted!

I have a Lab and two beagles. They don't like baths. I did try this and it was good. I'll have to remember to use it next bath time. They don't like the natural products because it doesn't contn enough suds. But they sure seemed to enjoy this one.

I used Pure Pea and a little extra shampoo and it suds right up. I haven't tried the extra foaming conditioner and am hesitant to do so because I feel like my dogs are greasy when they come out and the added foaming probably would not wash off in the bathwater.

I tried a friend's who recommended this product. The dogs absolutely LOVE it. It's great because it's a thick product and they love it. We do use extra conditioner also. We'll probably buy a gallon of this when our supply runs out.

Mine does not lather up...I tried the 'normal' shampoo with no suds, so I purchased this to try. It DOES suds up and it's very easy to wash my dogs off. Very worth the money and will be buying it agn.

My two chihuahuas will turn their noses up at any sort of shampoo or conditioner. I found that this works great for them and also the smell disappears quickly after using. They always have lots of flea's and ticks and they do shed... but this stuff really does help and is quite inexpensive.

I have bought this product for years and use it on myself, my husband and any new dog I bring home. I feel that this product has to be diluted even in water and it must be applied generously and liberally. It has to be washed right out of the fur as it dries very quickly. I cannot get it to lather up on my own so my husband usually does it. I find this product works on dogs with all kinds of scurf. This is a lifesaver in our area and where we live.

I use this product every morning on my dogs and it's great. You get all of the great benefits of the pure conditioner without all the suds that Pure conditioner leaves. The product also lathers up really well. My dogs always look like they've been showered.

I do the same thing as some of the others and dilute it with water. Sometimes I'll use a bit more shampoo if the hr has gotten really matted down. I use this on my dogs about 3 times a week and no other products. It's the only shampoo I've found that really works for them.

I just diluted this stuff in water for my dog, and I just bought a can. It's not nearly as great as the shampoo, but it's a decent shampoo that does what it's supposed to. I'd still like to find a shampoo that is more "pure" than this stuff.

It leaves suds. It takes longer to get it all out of your dog's fur than it does the shampoo you normally use. But it does the job. I would dilute it a bit more to get a more lathery conditioner. I use it as a conditioner, with the shampoo after.

I have had a huge issue in the past with washing my dogs and then having their hr be totally unmanageable. I have had to do major conditioning of my dogs with either products from the hr care company I use (not the pet one I used to use) or with baking soda. Both worked and were pretty inexpensive.

Baking soda was what I would have to do. It's pretty harmless and if your dog doesn't like the taste, you can also use orange juice or grape juice. It's something I haven't had to use too much yet, but I haven't found a great alternative that can make my dogs' hr as soft and manageable as they need it to be.

This is basically what I use for my dog, I used to use the regular pet shampoo, it worked great for them, but it didn't leave their fur as soft and manageable. As I was trying to find a better solution for my dog's hr, I came across this. And after using it, I found it did a really good job for my dog's hr and I could tell the difference after it was washed out.

This is pretty much how I wash my dog's hr as well. I like this shampoo a lot because it works, it doesn't have any bad ingredients and it doesn't break the bank.

So in conclusion, baking soda or orange juice can be a great substitute for most of the shampoos that are out there. If you can't find either of them, any shampoo or conditioner from your local pet store can be used as well.

Do you have a dog that needs some extra TLC to keep his fur looking nice? I love to do TLCs on my dog. He's a little guy, he likes to jump up on his back legs and just look all cute, but he needs his hr groomed. I always use this hr care product.

This is a conditioner, but it is also a leave in conditioner and makes your dog hr soft. It leaves it feeling silky soft, it's also been known to keep his undercoat from matting up. I think this product is great for dogs, especially puppies that are very active and need to mntn their coats.

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