Why is my dog drooling

Why is my dog drooling

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Why is my dog drooling on the couch?

My 3.5 year old dog, Bailey, has been drooling a lot lately. She normally isn't drooling, but for the past couple of months, she has been dribbling a lot and it makes her drool. She doesn't drink much, if at all, so it must be on the couch.

I don't know if she's got something in her mouth or not, because she seems to be able to control it and not really have a wet spot. She usually just moves around a bit and wipes it up.

I feel like I have to check every week and it's frustrating. She doesn't even really want to get up, much less be on the couch, so I don't know how to help her.

I just don't know what to do. Please help!

Answer by Kate

My sister also has the same issue with her dog. A friend of mine also had it so I know it is not an illness. They are just trying to teach their dog to not eat or drink so much. What do you do to help her clean up the mess?

Answer by mccaweird

I have had the same problem and my dog is the opposite, when she drinks too much she feels sick. Also her drool when it has been a long time she seems to have a problem with it. I dont know what to do but she is still a pup and they grow up fast

My dog is a chow chow and she has been drooling a lot lately. I have seen her do it at breakfast and dinner time. I feed her kibble twice a day but can't determine the problem. She eats it with the table and I'm not sure if she's eating too much.

Answer by kate

Do you see her dribbling a lot when she eats? Chows eat a lot when they are full. You could try eating smaller meals.

Answer by kate

My dog has had this problem for a while now. She also has to have a bowel movement about every other day, and is peeing outside. I'm worried. Can you help me?

Answer by nikki

If you can help me with a similar situation. If so, I'd love to read your suggestions.

My dog recently lost her home, and now we are living with her, a family friend. We had to leave the family pet out while we were there and she was found a few hours later by a very nice man. He took her in and she stayed with him for about a week until we came home. She was great until she got home and now I have to figure out how to help her. She has become constipated, and even now when I take her out she will try to urinate, but doesn't quite make it, she just leaks. I give her her pills from the vet, but I think I gave her a few too many. She weighs 25 lbs. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When I put her in her crate, she throws her tail up to hit me when I try to lay her down, and she is still doing that when I lay her down to sleep. She eats great, but if I can find out how to take her temperature, I think I would know more about what was going on. I think she may have an infection, but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer by kate

What about a veterinary medicine to stop diarrhea? I recommend Pet's Select. It has Zinc, which prevents diarrhea and can be purchased at Pets Select.

My 6yr old dachshund has just developed the symptoms of diarrhea. It happens after playing and after she eats, she does go poop before bed, but not as much. Is there anything you can suggest that I can get her?

Answer by kate

Sounds like your dog is sensitive to something. Maybe try an antibiotic medicine called Floriderm. You can purchase it at the vet and give the dog a few days supply.

For the other symptoms, such as diarrhea and fever, I would try some antibiotics from a vet. This can cause diarrhea and cause the dog to have a fever, but it will cure the problem.

Hope this helps,


Answer by kate

I was afraid of this, but I found the answer in a different thread.

My dachshund had diarrhea and was vomiting. I gave her some vet medicine and it worked. She got better and went back to normal.

I have a dachshund about 1 year old, he's only 7 lbs, I don't know what is wrong. He's constipated, he goes poop after eating, but sometimes after I feed him I can't take him out. He'll be running, barking and pooping but he doesn't have to, I have a small amount of poop in him. He is also coughing a little and it hurts his throat. He's not eating and sometimes gets sick and makes this horrible sound.

Could he have worms? What should I do?

Answer by jodyg

Hi, My name is Jody G, I have two small dogs, a 2 year old Shih-tzu and a 4 year old Shih-tzu.

The 2 year old is very tiny, only 21 lbs. But, since she is so young, she does not show any of the symptoms that you have described. However, the 4 year old is very very skinny, he is only 12 lbs. He's my second Shih-tzu and one of the reasons he's so skinny, is that I always give him a double serving when he's fed. My vet tells me to feed my other dog's a double serving, but my husband tells me not to feed him that much, but rather feed him what I think is a healthy amount. But, after feeding him a double serving, he never has an appetite and never wants to eat again. But, since I have a dog with low appetite, I don't really know what is the cause of this. Since he's so skinny, I worry that he has worms. I know that the best thing to do for my dog is to take him to the vet, but I'm afraid that the time that I spend away from work is going to be too much for the time that the vet takes to come to my house and make him better. What would you suggest that I do?

Please, I really want him to be alright, I just don't know what to do.

Answer by cag


Your dog is a senior as he is over 10 years old now. As such, a major cause of his loss of appetite may be due to old age related factors. In fact, Shih-Tzu’s tend to lose weight as they grow old. So it is not unexpected that he is extremely thin and skinny. He may already have health issues that need your vet’s help in investigating and managing. If he seems to be unwell, I suggest you take him to a vet as soon as possible.

Good luck!


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