Why does my cat eat grass

Why does my cat eat grass

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Why does my cat eat grass?

Why does my cat eat grass?

Hi! This question has been asked several times and I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer.

My 4 month old cat has always eaten grass, ever since I got him. He's been a very curious cat since I got him and has been chewing on everything he can find, including grass. It's not something he does often, but if he sees grass nearby, he'll go for it.

My vet said he was normal because it's his way of eating grass. My only question is: if he's always eaten grass, why does he even have the chance to learn to eat other foods? Is it something I should worry about? And if not, could this habit develop into something more serious? Any help is appreciated!


If this is for real then it's probably a genetic disorder that I don't think will ever stop! The grass eating habit is an appetite that will go away when the cat has grown and is eating better food, especially meat. In other words, when he's old enough to know better! It doesn't mean he's not going to want to eat grass when he is eating good food, though.

The grass eating could be due to a number of things.

1. It could be genetically linked and your vet may want to run some tests to confirm whether this is the case.

2. Maybe he's just a 'grinder' and prefers to chew. If he's chewing a lot, it could be a form of teething or be linked to ear problems.

3. Your cat may have had other problems such as allergies (which might explain the grass appetite).

4. You could have given him grass and he just picked it up in his mouth without knowing how to spit it out.

5. It might be a food/dieting issue. If the vet says he's eating fine and is putting on weight, you could be seeing results of a poor diet (not enough meat, too much junk food, no protein or other needed nutrients)

I suggest that you go to the vet and ask for a blood sample so that they can run some tests.

It's very common for cats to be obsessed with grass. When I brought home a new cat in 2011 I put all of my old cat's food out on the kitchen counter. The new one was immediately interested in my other cat's food. It is very common to see a new cat go right up to the food and then run away. This will not hurt them, but it does prove that grass eating is not caused by worms, that your cat simply seems to be obsessed. Sometimes this obsession will go away.

The main reason that a cat can't handle grass is because it's got no fur. Cats use grass to help clean themselves. If you don't want to change your cat's diet, there are ways to get around this obsession.

1. Try a lot of grass on a high quality cat grass feed.

2. Keep an eye on your cat. If he really has a grass habit, he'll pick up a lot of it during the day and you can simply change his food over to a cat grass blend when you notice it.

3. Try giving your cat a lot of protein rich food (with the addition of grass), or try to get him to take his meal with some green leafy vegetables. I had a cat who loved broccoli and I think he would have accepted this.

3. Cat grass is not poisonous but it is high in cellulose and you should make sure that you don't feed it to dogs or horses.

4. Cats can actually eat other grass but their digestive system is too strong to get it fully processed and they actually prefer grainier types of grass like wheat or rye. So keep this in mind.

5. Don't feed your cat the grass when you are planning to eat it. They will see the grass while you eat it. So have a nice meal and then wait about 30 minutes before you feed your cat the grass.

6. Don't let your cat get into places where he can get into the grass either. I've heard stories about cats who have used a bucket as a scratching post. This is a bad idea.

There are lots of ways to avoid grass. Most cats have a way to get rid of it and get it out of their systems. I'm not a big fan of worm castings and think there are better options for most cats. But I'm not going to give them up either.

If I go to the trouble of making sure that my cat has a good diet, I want him to eat what I eat. If I have to get up at night to feed him and then go back to bed, I'm going to feed him a healthy balanced diet. If my wife goes to the trouble of making sure my diet is healthy, I want her to make sure my cat eats it too.

I don't worry about feeding my cat grass because I know that grass is a good food and that cat's will be glad to get it in their diet.

That all said, if your cat has a serious medical problem that requires it, it's possible that you may be going to do some experimenting to see if there's some grass in the diet that helps. Or if your cat is overweight and you think it might be that the cat is not getting good enough nutrition, try adding grass to the diet to see if that improves things.

One other thing about cats is that they do sometimes like to nibble on things. I've seen cats that eat the plastic of cat treats. They seem to like the crunchy surface of a bag of cat treats or they eat out of the bag of dog food.

So, keep your eyes open and don't assume that your cat is eating grass because you want to.

I would think that there would be a difference between a dog and a cat. The cat may eat it because it smells or tastes good to him, but a dog will usually do it because he has to. And if your dog has a serious medical problem, it's going to need to be taken care of whether he's eating grass or not.

Another option is to cut a small piece of grass out of a bag of cat food and see if your cat likes it. I used to give my cat that every morning when we'd go out. The cat liked it, and the bag would still be there in the morning.

Also, if you have a lot of dogs and your cats can't stay out of them, it's also possible to mix in a little grass. Again, if you have a serious medical problem, it's better to do the testing, but if

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