Dog and mom matching

Dog and mom matching

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Dog and mom matching: How a rescue named her baby after a Disney cartoon dog

Lydia is not your typical newborn. At less than a week old, she's already got more than her fr share of quirks and personality.

The 2-week-old pug-pit bull mix is just the latest in a series of curious creatures who has taken over the lives of people who thought they couldn't have a dog, like Lydia, for some time.

When she was born in late October, a veterinarian named her Lydia because it is the name of one of her all-time favorite Disney characters: the poodle from the 1996 hit film, The Lion King.

Meet the first pug-pit bull mix in the world

Lydia, the pet pug-pit bull mix who looks a bit like a Disney character

She also happens to look a lot like a dog on the famous Disney logo and has more of the classic breed’s trts than any other pet that has been born in the past.

On Instagram, a user named “the dog park” posted pictures of the new baby. In the caption, they wrote “Just a few hours ago this little bundle of pug dog was born to The Mommy &, The Daddy of The World.

“I’m so honored to have been chosen to care for her as she grows. I have a feeling she will be just like one of her parents - A character in a Disney movie!

“If you can’t see your smile in her precious face – you must be hiding your own!”

The user also tagged the pug community, which is active on Facebook with over 35,000 members.

The photos attracted many comments, and there were more than 1,000 likes. Many people even clmed to have a pet pug just like this one.

In fact, one person commented on the photos: “OMG yes! She is so cute!! She is my next pug!”

But she was born the wrong time – she was born just after the pug was removed from the list of banned breeds.

Despite this, she’s already getting lots of attention. A post on the pug community website PugMeUp shows Lydia as a two-month-old, eating, drinking, and wagging her tl.

This story originally appeared on The Sun. Read more content from The Sun here.

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