Adopting a cat from abroad: you should be aware of this

Adopting a cat from abroad: you should be aware of this

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Many German animal shelters and foster homes work with animal rights activists in other countries and also mediate cats from abroad. If you want to adopt such a velvet paw, the process is usually a little different than for domestic animals - at least if your new pet is still in its original home. Cats from abroad often travel with sponsors - Shutterstock / cynoclub

Of course, there are also a lot of cats in local animal shelters who are looking forward to a new home - looking around there is no doubt a very good idea. But cats in need can be found all over the world - and wherever their chances of finding a home are very low and their housing conditions are very poor, animal rights activists are trying to help by tackling the need for a new home across national borders.

Why adopt a cat from abroad?

In many European countries, cats are not neutered and therefore breed very quickly. Many picked animals end up in killing stations and even if not, their chances of finding a home are quite small. Because the number of cats is much larger than that of those interested in taking an animal. The animal shelters are often so crowded that a hygienic attitude, the adequate supply of feed and optimal medical care can no longer be guaranteed.

In such places, animal rights activists try to help and give four-legged friends a new home - also in Germany. For this purpose, ads are presented on the websites or in various magazines that appear in Germany, in which these poor kittens are presented. Of course, it is always pointed out that it is a velvet paw from abroad.

This is how the adoption works

As soon as a nice person has been found who wants to adopt a cat from a distant country, a few formalities are first checked. The animal shelter through which you want to adopt the cat from abroad will determine with a few questions and possibly a visit whether you can offer the velvet paw a good home. In most cases - as with domestic German adoptions - a nominal fee is also due.

Once all of this has been resolved, the room tiger sets off. But of course not alone: ​​If the kitten is transported to Germany by plane, there is actually always a flight sponsor. However, this is usually not necessary for transport by car. In any case, you will probably have to wait a few weeks. When the animal has arrived in Germany, you can usually receive it personally - and thank the flight sponsor, for example. You should clarify details with the animal protection association with which you initiated the adoption.

Starter sets for small and large cats

When a new cat moves in, it is exciting for humans and animals. So take care beforehand ...


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