Splash Splash: A baby hippo goes swimming

Splash Splash: A baby hippo goes swimming

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Baby hippopotamus Obi makes it difficult for its viewers not to melt when they see it. Tiny, curious and adventurous, it explores the world with its mom and even dares to take its first bath: sweet!

Without question: A baby hippo is a magical little creature, especially when it takes its very first swimming lesson, like Little Obi in this video. How much fun he is splashing around is not to be overlooked: he swims and dives, roams around his mom and keeps stretching his cute hippo face out of the water.

Incidentally, the fact that he does not swim, but rather runs on the bottom of the lake, is not due to a lack of swimming practice: Adult hippos also like to go diving, often under water. Although they are in the water a lot, they are not among the best swimmers - but the main thing is that it is fun!

Hippos: water-loving mammals


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