Study shows: Dogs like baby language

"Such a good boy!", "Yes, fine!", "Would you like to have a face?": Owners like to communicate with their dogs like with a baby. For this they are often laughed at in public. Wrongly - as scientists found out. A study has shown that dogs like baby speech - Image: Shutterstock / Irina Kozorog

Anyone who speaks to a dog obviously cannot do anything else: the pitch of the voice is raised, the words are emphasized particularly clearly, absurd terms such as "Pupsi" come over your lips - finished is the typical baby language, in which many a master and mistress are involved communicates with your own dog.

Every wagging tail and every faithful dog look is then followed with an enthusiastic "Yes, you fine!" rewarded. But if you speak to your dog like a baby, you are doing something good for your four-legged friend. Because fur noses like that. At least that's what a study by New York researchers published in the journal "Animal Cognition".

Dogs like baby talk

The scientists came to the conclusion through an experiment in which 37 dogs took part. Each of the four-legged friends was led on a leash into a room in which two people were. The researchers then played various spoken sentences and words to the animals - once in normal tonality, sometimes with a baby voice.

In the meantime, the scientists measured how long the dogs were attentive to the respective pictures. Then the researchers let the dogs off their leashes to see which of the two people they would rather stay with.

The result: puppies actually prefer high voices. The little dog babies were generally more attentive as soon as you spoke to them in an exaggerated, high voice. Older animals, on the other hand, were more interested in the content of the spoken sentences and words - for example, terms such as "dog walking", "food" or the like.

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Addressing dogs and babies: what's behind it?

When masters or mistresses talk to their dogs like babies, it looks funny at first glance. However, researchers assume that the phenomenon is important for the human-animal relationship. It strengthens the bond between the two.

By the way, behind the baby language there is less a reaction to a cute dog than a fundamental impulse to want to communicate with the animal that does not understand the language. This attraction increases when you see a puppy. The reason: the child's scheme, in which the facial features and proportions of a baby trigger protective and care behavior.