Infants and dogs: tips for correct handling

Infants and dogs: tips for correct handling

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When the next generation is announced, you should prepare your dog well for the new earthling. Dealing with the furry four-legged friends can be very beneficial for infants. Take a few important things into account so that baby and dog will be happy from the start. Image: Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

To avoid problems with your four-legged friend if another family member suddenly appears and is the focus of the action, you should prepare your dog for the baby.

How to prepare your dog for the baby

As soon as the happy news of the upcoming child's blessing is known, you should start to get your four-legged friend ready for the new arrival. For example, introduce him to friends' babies to familiarize him with the new situation. It helps if your four-legged friend knows babies and small children in order to get used to their own offspring.

Set up clear taboo zones for your dog in advance: This includes a changing table, carry bag and of course the baby bed. Your dog has no business here. Establish clear rules from the start and practice commands like "Give it here!" or "Go away!" These can be very useful later in everyday life.

Also, don't forget to vaccinate and deworm your dog before the baby arrives.

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Important rules for the dog when dealing with the baby

When the offspring move in at home, it is very important that you do not neglect your dog. Show him that you still love him and that he doesn't have to be jealous of the baby. Of course, for most mothers and fathers, the newborn is suddenly the focus - but make absolutely sure that the four-legged friend does not feel set back.

For the beginning: never leave your four-legged roommate and an infant alone. Even if the animal companions often present themselves as protectors, they do not understand it, for example, if the baby takes a toy away from them.

Also train the child early on in handling the dog

Teach your child how to handle the dog correctly right from the start and don't let your little son or daughter go through everything else, or in the worst case the fluffy helper could even pose a danger to the offspring. The sooner you show your child how to handle a dog, the faster it will learn.

By the way: You can allow your four-legged friend to lick the infant occasionally. He shows his attention to the "young animal". Nevertheless, hygiene is the top priority: you should wash yourself and the baby better after contact with the dog.

You can see how beautiful it can be to grow up a dog and baby together in the video: "Team for life: Dog and baby grow up together".


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