Winter vacation with your dog: off to snow fun

Winter vacation with your dog: off to snow fun

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Romping in the snow with your four-legged friend? Not only at home, a winter holiday with a dog can also be an unforgettable pleasure for both of you - provided that you make sure that the holiday trip is tailored to your dog's needs. A winter holiday with a dog means fun on two and four legs - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

Not only can you enjoy a summer vacation with your dog, you can also travel with your pet in winter. However, it is important to plan your winter vacation properly beforehand, then there are no limits to winter fun in the mountains, in the forest or on the coast.

Winter vacation with dog: where to go?

Small, quieter winter sports resorts are ideal for enjoying winter with the dog. Away from the crowds of slopes and the overcrowded tourist destinations, the holiday is much more relaxed for you and your four-legged friend. As far as the accommodation is concerned, ski huts, holiday homes or holiday apartments in which dogs are allowed naturally offer the most space. However, there are now also hotels that specialize in vacationing with dogs. Some even offer a care service to look after your dog while you are out on the slopes.

Animal winter fun with dogs

Having fun together in the snow

If you are planning a ski vacation with steep downhill runs or snowboarding in the high mountains, your four-legged friend will have little fun in the winter vacation. After all, a dog has no business on the slopes for safety reasons and waiting for hours in a holiday home or hotel room is also not nice for your loyal companion. In contrast, cross-country skiing is ideal for winter sports even when accompanied by a dog. The prerequisite is that the dog does not interfere with any other skier, does not run within the groomed trail and does not poach.

In some ski areas there are even special dog trails. If you do not stand on skis, your dog will also be happy about long winter walks - but make sure that your dog does not start to freeze during all outdoor activities. If it starts to tremble, you should immediately return to the warm holiday accommodation.


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