Petting other dogs: a good idea?

Are you one of those people who like to pet strange dogs? Or are you the owner of a fur nose yourself and are you constantly confronted with situations in which strangers patting your four-legged friend without permission? The topic offers plenty of explosives. How do people behave correctly now? If you are allowed to pet other dogs, approach them carefully and with a flat hand - Kimrawicz / Shutterstock

When people run into a cute dog, they often cannot resist and want to pet him. Some dogs respond well to the foreign patting and even lie on their backs to request even more cuddle units. Other animals don't like to be touched and they distance themselves from their intrusive counterparts. In the worst case, some dogs react aggressively to the unwanted tenderness.

Petting other dogs: respect limits

How would you like it if strangers suddenly hug you? At least irritating, isn't it? Even if dogs are not human, they are similar - many do not like to be petted by strangers. Depending on the dog breed and characteristics, the behavior of the fur noses varies. In the worst case, the arbitrary petting behavior of passers-by ends with an aggressive growl or even biting from the harmless-looking four-legged friend.

At the latest then it should be clear that not every dog ​​appreciates a strange hand on his head. If you think dog owners know better, you're wrong. Even these pretended to pet other dogs without first asking the owner or waiting for the dog's reaction. After all, your own fleecy nose also enjoys it when strangers touch it.

Many people, dog owners or not, basically mean well with the animals. They want good things for them as they stroke the fur - at least they think so. Because in reality strangers do not fulfill the dog's wishes, but primarily their own.

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Dog greeting etiquette: This is how you behave correctly

A respectful approach looks different. If you want to pet other dogs, then follow these steps:
Ask the owner for permission. He knows his fur nose best and knows exactly how it reacts to strangers. Don't skip the step just because the dog appears friendly to you. Even the sweetest creatures can bite hard when they feel threatened.
Approach slowly. If you have permission from the owner to "sniff" each other, then move slowly but confidently towards the dog. Moving too quickly could irritate and frighten him. Pay attention to the animal's body language. Does it seem intimidated? Then you better distance yourself again.
Let yourself be sniffed. If the dog is still friendly, first hold his hand flat and let the four-legged friend smell it. Talk to him well to relax the atmosphere. Only then stroke it if it has not lost interest.
Do not make rough movements. It's a matter of course, but still: handle the animal gently. Better scratch under the chin than on the head. And always face the dog so that it has a good view of you.

If you follow these steps, not only the owner but also the dog will be grateful.