How to use body language in dog training

How to use body language in dog training

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Dogs communicate with each other primarily through body language. You can take advantage of this in dog training. This good dog understands Mistress' body language - Image: Shutterstock / Anke van Wyk

The right body language helps you to implement consistent and loving dog training. In general, pay attention to your posture and charisma when dealing with dogs - otherwise misunderstandings could arise.

Body language in dog training: use hand signals

The goal of dog training is that the four-legged friend always knows what you want from him. That means your signals and commands must be clear. If you only rely on your voice, different emotions and moods can resonate unconsciously, confusing the dog. Hand signals and similar body language signals, on the other hand, are clearer.

It is important that a certain sign has exactly one meaning and does not change anymore. Below are some examples of how you can express commands through body language. Of course, you can adapt them as you wish.

● "Caution": Raise your index finger.
● "Seat": Point your index finger down.
● "Place": Clarify the command with a flat hand.
● "Off!": Show your palm forward.

Accompanying this, you can continue to use the voice commands so that your dog learns them if they are out of sight.

You should avoid these mistakes when it comes to body language

Dogs may feel threatened or provoked by some unconscious body language signals. For example, the four-legged friends feel aggression when you stare into their eyes. If you lean over to pat him on the head, he'll get scared. This leads to misunderstandings and if the dog defends itself because it feels wrongly attacked or provoked, it is difficult for humans to understand.

Dog behavior: understand body language

Dog behavior is strongly influenced by body language. Does the dog want with other dogs ...

Try to be brisk and avoid sudden movements and avoid spreading too much anxiety. If you look confident, calm and send clear announcements through body language and voice, your dog should understand you well.

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