Blind cat Bamboo playing

Blind cat Bamboo playing

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The blind cat Bamboo is a really fascinating velvet paw. Anyone who sees the guy romping around and playing so loosely and unerringly as in the video would not notice that Bamboo is blind. Wonderful how much fun and joy the young cat has!

At the beginning of the video there is a strengthening in the form of cat food for Bamboo - then it is time to play with women. And how! The plush bee is hunted with jumps and accurate paws and the fabric butterfly dangling on the stick is repeatedly attacked precisely. The fact that Bamboo is blind doesn't bother him at all.

Zack! The hunt continues on the back of the sofa! Afterwards, the wild hunter is allowed to collect a reward in the form of a treat. Finally there are a few pats and an exciting day for Bamboo is coming to an end. How sweet!

On the first day in his new home, the blind cat was much more insecure and had to get used to the new environment, as this older video shows:

Today there is nothing left of uncertainty. In blind cats, the other senses, such as the hearing of the cat or the sense of touch, are usually more pronounced than with seeing velvet paws - so they compensate for their handicap. Bamboo shows this in an impressive way.

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