How to tell if your dog is deaf

How to tell if your dog is deaf

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If a dog is deaf, it will not hear. What sounds absolutely logical is unfortunately sometimes very difficult to determine in practice. There are some signs that you can tell that your four-legged friend is not listening. Often, however, only an audiometric report issued by the veterinarian provides absolute certainty. If your dog no longer responds to your calls, it may be deaf - Shutterstock / Natee K Jindakum

Your dog doesn't come to you when you call him? Does he often miss mealtime? And when the doorbell rings, isn't there an excited reaction as usual? All of this could indicate that your dog is deaf.

How to test yourself whether your dog is deaf

If you suspect that your dog is no longer hearing, you can take a few simple tests to test the otherwise good hearing for yourself. Just try to elicit a reaction from your dog with clear sounds: For example, clap your hands loudly while your dog is not seeing you. If there is no response, your dog is either simply not scared or does not hear you - the latter is more likely. You can do the same test with shouts or other loud noises such as whistles.

Don't be fooled by reactions

But be careful: other senses are often very well trained in deaf dogs. For example, if you clap your hands and your dog responds slightly startled, it may be because he or she sensed the draft or felt a slight shock. So even if your four-legged friend is actually deaf, he may react to your test - but subconsciously deceives you. It is best to clap or call from a distance. Your four-legged friend cannot smell you and therefore react - the sense of smell of a deaf dog is often even more pronounced than that of a hearing animal.

Why regular dog ear control is important

Does your dog scratch his ear frequently or shake constantly? Then at the latest you should ...

On the other hand, you may wrongly believe that your dog is deaf because it does not hear in certain situations. In fact, maybe he's just distracted. Repeat the tests several times.

For absolute security: the audiometric examination

If you have the impression that your dog is deaf or has poor hearing, you can have an audiometric examination. Your vet will be happy to advise you on this - if he does not offer the examination himself, you can find out about him wherever possible. The audiometric examination determines which frequencies and volumes your dog can hear and which not. At the end there is an audiometric report, which gives you certainty.

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