Panda baby turns around on his mom

Panda baby turns around on his mom

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Actually, it doesn't matter what pandy babies are up to: No matter what the cute bundles of joy do, as a viewer, a "Oh how cute!" out. This little rascal goes one step further when he tries to wake his visibly exhausted mom in this video.

"Are you already awake? Are you already awake?", "Get up! Get up!". What this cute baby panda wants is clear: mom's attention. Just stupid that Mama-Panda has had a pretty hard day and just wants to relax. And so it takes a little effort until the mother wakes up - and the baby panda plops from its black and white "climbing castle" - just too cute!

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  • 23-05-2013 18:05:44

    nicolegerste9: The panda is one of my favorite animals anyway. But such a panda baby surpasses everything. The video really made my face smile. Just cute. Report abuse
  • 23-05-2013 12:05:02

    lauragartne: Totally cute. I always wanted to see a panda baby in the zoo. But the sweet video is enough for me and sweetened my day. :) Report abuse


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