Sly dog ​​fishes balls out of pool

Sly dog ​​fishes balls out of pool

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Sly dog ​​fishes balls out of pool

Sauschlau? From now on it should be dog-smart. Because this black four-legged friend is really good at it: When his beloved ball lands in the middle of the pool, he knows exactly how to get it back - without getting wet.

First, the clever four-legged friend tries to fish the ball out of the pool with paddle movements from the bank. When it turns out that this has no effect, the dog comes up with the clever idea: "A boat is needed!" He quickly runs around the pool and skilfully jumps on the water mat to paddle to the ball. The goal is reached quickly and it goes back towards the shore. We think: This dog is just smart - and maybe a little afraid of water.

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