Buy dog ​​- yes or no?

Buy dog ​​- yes or no?

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If you want to buy a dog, you are making a big decision. Not only does it come with a lot of responsibility, it also comes with costs. Are you ready for a dog? Here we have listed a few points that you should consider beforehand. Dog training requires patience, experience and consistency, which you should include in your planning.

There are so many dogs that are looking for a new home - no wonder that one or the other spontaneously thinks about buying a dog. If you regret this idea later, you are not doing the animal a favor and should therefore be sure that you can offer the animal everything it needs.

Time, space and money for a dog

Do you have enough time for your dog? Walks, visits to the dog school and lots of pats should not only fit tightly, but wonderfully into your schedule! You should consider that a four-legged friend wants to get out in the pouring rain on Saturday morning and is ready to offer him that. Be sure to also consider your vacation. If you cannot take the dog with you when traveling, you should first clarify who can take it with you.

A dog needs enough space: Before you buy a dog, find out exactly what the breed needs. How much exercise, how much space in the garden and in the apartment does the animal need? If you can offer him that, everything is fine. The financial factor also plays an important role. Veterinarian, dog liability insurance, accommodation while you are on vacation and dog food not only incur ongoing but sometimes unexpected costs.

Education and housing

Before you buy a dog, you should make sure that your whole family agrees. Does every family member want to take care of the animal lovingly and pull together with you on educational issues? Do you have someone with a dog allergy in the house? Or a second pet that may not get along with the newcomer? Weigh up possible risks when buying a dog as accurately as possible beforehand.

Buying original equipment for dog puppies: tips

If you want to buy a puppy, you can usually at the age of eight to ten ...

Dog training also requires patience, experience and consistency, which you should include in your planning. If you are not an experienced dog owner, you should choose one of the meek, calm and easily educated dog breeds, or go to dog school with your darling. Maybe an adult dog suits you better? In any case, you should keep in mind that dog training is not always easy, especially at the beginning!

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