Bach flowers for cats: tips for beginners

Bach flowers for cats: tips for beginners

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Bach flowers for cats are said to be able to provide emotional support from nature and have already proven themselves in many emergencies, fears and major changes in life. Those who have not yet dared to use the alternative remedies, but would like to know more about them, will find a few tips to make it easier for them to get started. You can get special Bach flowers for cats online and from the vet - Image: Shutterstock / LEONARDO VITI

Bach flowers for cats are currently a big topic in alternative veterinary medicine. The gentle and herbal remedies should never replace a visit to the veterinarian, but, as many positive experience reports show, can be useful for various behavioral problems.

Although their effectiveness has not yet been scientifically proven, many veterinarians have now added Bach flowers to their repertoire thanks to their good experience and can advise you on the basics and key essences. Books and various finished mixes also help.

Bach flowers for beginners: book with diagnosis sheet

If you would like to know more about the healing process with Bach flowers, you can learn the basics in books like this. An overview of the different essences and their effects as well as a diagnostic sheet for your pet are helpful for beginners and allow newcomers to get their own idea of ​​Bach flower therapy.

First aid for at home: the emergency drops

Anyone who knows a little about Bach flowers knows why many pet owners swear by the emergency drops. The special blends are designed to help anxious, excited, or shocked velvet paws in an emergency and can be given before vet visits, moves, or after a shock to soothe the nerves.

Practical Bach flower card for an overview

Which essence helps which animal in which situation? This card gives a quick overview of it and is well suited for hanging it in the kitchen or for easy access next to the first aid kit. In addition to the individual essences, you will also find important information on the preparation, administration, dosage and duration of therapy of the remedies on the Bach Flower Card.

Ready-made Bach flower mixes especially for cats

If you need quick help for a specific problem and do not want to read in first, you will find ready-made mixtures for special cat problems online. These Bach flower blends are supplied in cat-friendly balls that can be added to the feed and treat problem areas such as furniture scratching, protest peeing or aggression.


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