Best of Boo: Cute teddy dog ​​shows his home

Best of Boo: Cute teddy dog ​​shows his home

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Sweetest dog in the world, Facebook phenomenon: Teddy dog ​​Boo probably doesn't even know how popular he is with his fans. But he doesn't have to, the main thing is that he enjoys his dog's life animal. In this video he shows how he prefers to do this.

How does Boo manage to get so many fans with so little effort? His YouTube videos regularly have millions of clicks and get more every day. As fluffy as he is, however, there is simply no second person and no matter what he does, it is always adorable.

And that the little pomeranian doesn't just look like a cuddle, but can also play like a big one, is not a question when you see this video, right?


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