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Cute French Bulldogs in the skill test

Cute French Bulldogs in the skill test

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"Balancing is not that easy!" The adorable French bulldog puppies practice their skills in the video below and as you can see, the cute dogs were particularly taken with a certain toy ...

Oh what are these little puppies cute! The French Bulldogs in this video fell in love with a toy. They eagerly climb a small balance disk. But that's not as easy as the young dogs imagined it to be. The four of them try to tame the black plate.

"Plop!" That was probably nothing: They just climbed up when the little guys rolled off the device again. But don't worry: nothing happened to the little racks. Lively and totally clumsy, they try to control their movements and tame the play equipment. Just to look cute!

French bulldog: her puppies are so cute

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