Diarrhea in the dog: With these tips you can stop him

Diarrhea in the dog: With these tips you can stop him

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Does your dog have diarrhea? Unfortunately, this is a very common symptom, but in most cases it is quite harmless and easy to manage with simple means. Read below how to treat mild diarrhea in your four-legged friend, when to go to the vet and what else is important. If the diarrhea persists or gets worse, your four-legged friend should be examined by a veterinarian - Shutterstock / iko

Soft to liquid droppings that are discontinued more often than usual and sometimes uncontrollably: Your dog has diarrhea. The droppings then appear sometimes watery, sometimes slimy, greenish, yellow, black or dark red.

Another accompanying symptom can be flatulence in the dog. Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea (vomiting diarrhea) occur at the same time. But why is that and what helps against diarrhea in the dog?

How to treat mild dog diarrhea

If your dog shows only mild symptoms, it is often sufficient if you do not give him food for 12 to 48 hours. During this time he can only drink water - but plenty of it. Diarrhea causes increased fluid loss and you have to compensate for this in your dog. Treat your pet to a lot of rest. If the diarrhea has calmed down after 1 to 2 days, you can start feeding light food.

Caution! This only applies to adult, otherwise healthy dogs. Puppies, older and weakened dogs with diarrhea should be taken to the vet immediately.

Lots of fluids are important for dogs with diarrhea

As long as your dog has acute diarrhea, he needs one thing above all: liquid. In addition to fresh water, you can give your pet some unseasoned, diluted meat broth. The vet can also prescribe an electrolyte solution or a probiotic powder for your dog. You can dissolve this in water and give it to your four-legged friend to drink.

Caution! If the animal loses too much fluid or is still very young, an infusion is required - this usually requires a stay in the veterinary clinic.

Dog has diarrhea: what you can feed

If the diarrhea subsides and your dog is better, you can give him solid food again after 24 to 48 hours. Your four-legged friend cannot tolerate his usual food in this state, so you should prepare light food for him and use it to keep you going after diarrhea.

Lean meat, such as chicken or low-fat pieces of beef or lamb, can be chopped up and boiled in water. Dogs also usually tolerate rice well after acute diarrhea. Cook the rice salt-free and mix it with low-fat curd cheese or cottage cheese.

To add some variety to your animal patient's diet, you can also give them homemade, unseasoned mashed potatoes. Boiled pumpkin and boiled carrots are also easy to digest and therefore good if your dog has diarrhea. Even a finely grated apple or a little pureed, ripe banana can provide relief.

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Can home remedies or homeopathy help dogs with diarrhea?

In addition to water and light food, you can give your dog fiber as a home remedy for diarrhea. Psyllium husks, for example, can cause the feces to thicken again and alleviate the symptoms. However, it does not treat the cause of the diarrhea and may overlook a serious illness.

Opinions differ on homeopathy for treating diarrhea in dogs. Some swear by it, others consider it ineffective. It is strongly advised not to carry out your own experiments - always seek detailed advice from a veterinary practitioner and a veterinarian before using homeopathic remedies in animals.

Charcoal tablets for diarrhea in dogs

Coal tablets can be a tried and tested remedy for acute diarrhea in dogs. These bind toxins in the animal's digestive tract so, with luck, they can completely eliminate them without being harmed.

It is important that you always get precise advice from your veterinarian about the correct application and dose and act quickly. You can read more about this in our guide "Charcoal tablets for dogs: dosage & effects".

When to see a veterinarian

If your dog suffers from severe or watery diarrhea, an immediate visit to the veterinarian is advisable. The same applies if the symptoms have not improved after 24 hours.

Even if your dog suffers from diarrhea and vomiting at the same time or fever (from over 39 ° C body temperature), this is a reason to go to the vet. This is also advisable if there is bloody diarrhea in the dog, if the faeces appear to be made of mucus or otherwise look strange.

With persistent diarrhea, your dog can become dehydrated, i.e. dry out. This can be life-threatening. If your dog does not drink or does not drink enough, a visit to the veterinarian is also necessary.

Caution! Additional symptoms such as tremors, weakness or loss of appetite may indicate poisoning. Here it says: Off to the vet, it's an emergency.

The most important measures at a glance:

● Let the dog fast for 12 to 48 hours
● Dog must drink plenty of water
● Treat the dog to rest
● For other symptoms such as fever, weakness or blood in the stool, tremors or vomiting: go to the veterinarian!
● Immediately go to the doctor with puppies, older or weakened dogs!
● Have the right dose of coal tablets for emergencies

So your dog gets used to normal food again

Did your dog survive the diarrhea? Then you shouldn't rush now and get your four-legged friend back to its normal food step by step. Only give your dog small portions, especially at the beginning.

Feed the small portions several times throughout the day. Keep a close eye on your pet: does he already tolerate his usual food well? Or does his digestion not seem to be able to cope with it yet?

If in doubt, alternate the small portions of food with light food until you are sure that your dog has recovered. And don't hesitate to ask your vet for advice if your four-legged friend continues to worry you!

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Dog constantly has diarrhea: what to do?

Some dogs suffer constantly from diarrhea, which cannot be alleviated by the measures mentioned. This is usually a symptom of a chronic illness, such as a food allergy, chronic bowel inflammation (IBD) or pancreatic weakness (EPI). Be sure to go to the vet with your dog if the diarrhea doesn't go away.

Dogs who suffer from food intolerance, an allergy to their food or a chronic gastrointestinal disease need permanent special food. Because of their illness, they cannot properly utilize the vitamins and nutrients from conventional dog food. In the long run, there are signs of deficiency.

In this case, discuss with the veterinarian whether your dog needs supplements or certain medications to help relieve the symptoms of his condition and prevent symptoms of deficiency.

Diarrhea in dogs: possible causes

Diarrhea in dogs is not an independent disease, but always a symptom. In this way, the body tries to get rid of something as quickly as possible that it cannot tolerate, and may even harm it.

If your four-legged friend suffers from a food allergy, food intolerance or a chronic gastrointestinal disorder, it can even be the case that normal dog food causes the diarrhea and it becomes chronic.

The most common causes of acute diarrhea in dogs are:

● Eating the wrong diet or eating something wrong
● Change in diet, for example diarrhea caused by bark
● poisoning
● Infection with parasites, bacteria or viruses
● Side effect after deworming
● Intolerance to medication, for example green-lipped mussel preparations

This is how you can prevent diarrhea in dogs

It is best to only give your dog food that is really suitable for him. So no leftovers or other leftovers, no sausages, no cold cuts and no sweets. Chocolate in particular is toxic to dogs!

If you also pay attention to high-quality food, then the risk that there is some material hidden in it that your four-legged friend cannot tolerate is quite low. The dog food and water for your dog should also always be fresh. Because stale food can also cause diarrhea.

Protect your dog from poisoning

Also be careful of toxic substances in the garden or poisonous mushrooms that your dog could accidentally eat. It is best to avoid potentially dangerous pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides and the like entirely and remove the toadstools if possible.

Also consider whether you are doing anti-poison training with your dog. This can be useful if your four-legged friend tends to eat everything he can find on the floor and then gets diarrhea from it.

Avoid diarrhea by gently changing your diet

Do you want to change your dog's diet to a different diet or to bartending? Then proceed carefully. For example, first mix smaller and then larger amounts of the new food with the usual eating of your four-legged friend. If you are unsure, ask your vet for advice.

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  • person

    24-06-2017 07:06:20

    ZwinaSchultz: I've had a big problem for 3 days. My dog ​​has real violent diarrhea that looks green. He does a lot of drinking. What can I offer my dog ​​to eat. BADDY ALSO HAS A HOT DRY NOSE. HOW CAN I help MY dog report abuse
  • 07-09-2016 15:09:34 Hello Mandy, if your dog has had diarrhea for days, check out the vet. He can then see what is going on and then adjust the treatment accordingly. Your vet can also tell you if and how many of the charcoal tablets you can give your dog. We definitely wish your four-legged friend a speedy recovery and hope that he will soon be on his paws again. Kind regards from the editorial team Report abuse
  • person

    07-09-2016 11:09:23

    MandyFiebig: My dog ​​has had diarrhea for days because he got bones to eat from us. Can I give her coal tablets? How can I give her the? Lg report abuse
  • person

    28-08-2014 00:08:34

    sheilagohler: Charcoal tablets are freely available in the pharmacy or at dm and other drugstores. They bind toxins and help to excrete them. Also given to children before taking medication. It helps a lot with my dogs. Got the tip from a vet friend. Report abuse
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    22-08-2014 14:08:15

    Jendriktoppler: If it is chronic diarrhea, it can also be IBD. Online test here: ​​Report abuse
  • 02-10-2013 12:10:46

    silkeschult: When I switched from wet and dry feed for my dog ​​to barf, my dog ​​had diarrhea for a few days. But that also went away. I wasn't at the vet either, because at that point I knew where the diarrhea came from. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate diarrhea in dogs and get to the bottom of it. Report abuse
  • person

    27-09-2013 08:09:42

    johannawechseller: You can also treat diarrhea in dogs yourself. At least in younger dogs. Because it is often the wrong feeding that causes the diarrhea. Then you should change the food. Report abuse
  • 17-09-2013 22:09:28

    nicolegerste9: I am always very afraid for my dog ​​if he gets diarrhea. It can also end dangerously. I would even see a vet earlier than 24 hours. Of course, it always depends on how bad the diarrhea is. Above all, it is important that the dog is given plenty to drink or water. The veterinarian can then give further tips and treat diarrhea well in dogs. Report abuse
  • 17-09-2013 22:09:11

    lauragartne: Thank you Marina for the great tip. I will take it out soon and hopefully it will help. Report abuse
  • 28-08-2013 21:08:59

    MarinaKortig: A tip that can alleviate diarrhea in dogs. The low-fat curd rice diet. My dog ​​likes this very much and it is gentle on the stomach. Report abuse
  • person

    25-08-2013 22:08:31

    johannawechseller: Dog diarrhea can be really dangerous. The best way to go to the vet. In particular, it is important to make sure that the dog consumes a lot of fluid. Because of the diarrhea, the dog is dehydrated because he loses a lot of water. As already stated in the article, it is important to go to the vet after 24 hours. So if the diarrhea is not gone. Report abuse
  • 20-08-2013 11:08:54

    simonethalberg: Thanks for the helpful tips. My dog ​​had bad diarrhea last week. I went straight to the vet with him. He's feeling better again. But my veterinarian also said that diarrhea in dogs can have serious consequences. Report abuse
  • 12-08-2013 12:08:29

    susannekell: Dog diarrhea should be taken very seriously. As already stated in the article, you should go to the veterinarian 24 hours after the onset of diarrhea. Especially because the dog loses so much fluid from diarrhea. So, don't wait too long. Report abuse
  • person

    11-08-2013 21:08:46

    sarahkoch756859: I think it is also sometimes difficult to tell whether a dog has diarrhea or the chair is only softer. Puppies often get diarrhea. Also because they simply cannot tolerate certain foods. Report abuse
  • person

    11-08-2013 21:08:18

    melindakruppe: So, diarrhea in the dog has to be treated. This is very important. Don't just wait and see what happens. The dog loses a lot of fluid due to the diarrhea. Therefore, it must also be ensured that the dog drinks. It is best to go to the vet immediately. Report abuse
  • 11-08-2013 20:08:14

    lauragartne: If you have dog diarrhea, he always has very strong book pain. This is immediately noticeable with him. I have often been to the vet with my dog ​​to clarify the causes of his pain. But she also found that he had a sensitive stomach. Report abuse
  • person

    11-08-2013 20:08:43

    NinaMller: Dog diarrhea must be treated. It can quickly become dangerous. If you find blood in your stool, you should go to the vet. Sometimes our dog has diarrhea after certain meals. But that quickly fades away. Report abuse


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