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Why do dogs shake so often?

Why do dogs shake so often?

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Why do dogs shake even when they're not wet? There can be many different reasons for this. This is usually a completely natural behavior in response to a stimulus from the environment, but sometimes your four-legged friend also needs your help.

If your dog comes out of the water and shakes vigorously, you will get a shower right away. But it's no use, your darling can't run soaking wet around the world. But if you watch him carefully, you will notice that water is not the only reason to shake. Why actually? What makes the fur noses shake in different situations?

Shake is the natural dryer

No matter how expectant, mistresses and mistresses can stand by with the towel: after playing in the water, people shake themselves anyway. Of course, because your furry companion's instincts are geared towards survival and there is no personal towel service in the wild. With this hearty shaking orgy, your four-legged friend gets rid of around 70 percent of the water that its fur has absorbed. But why is it so important for dogs to be dry?

In the case of long-haired breeds in particular, the absorbed moisture carries an enormous weight. If the dog were forced to flee or fight, the additional weight would make it slower and more immobile. This restriction could cost him his life.

The fur would take hours to dry if the animal did not shake. Especially in winter, wet fur is generally critical because the moisture ensures that the dog cools down quickly. Then he risks a cold or worse. A short, effective shake, on the other hand, only takes a few seconds and the cold snout is ready for use again.

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Shake your fur: if it itches and tickles

You know it yourself: This tickling or itching in a place that you cannot reach properly can almost drive you crazy. Four-legged friends are no different than humans. In contrast to their owners, the animals cannot use a back scraper and so they sometimes throw themselves wildly from side to side, roll over the floor and push on trees or furniture edges to get rid of the itching.

If you feel that your dog is shaking because of this, you can provide relief with a loving scratch on the itchy area. However, if your animal is permanently itchy, you should consult a veterinarian.

Dog Shakes: Does He Have Ear Problems?

Especially breeds with long ears that hang deep on the ground are more likely to have ear infections or parasites in the ear.

So if your floppy ear often shakes his head, he probably doesn't want to express his displeasure with your current behavior, but has a high probability of an unpleasant feeling in the ear. This does not always have to be a bad infection, but can also be a small foreign body that can be removed quickly, such as a stray bug or a piece of grass. If you are unsure, you should still visit the vet.

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Dogs shake to calm down

Dog life is full of exciting moments: a brawl among peers, mistress comes home, owner throws the greatest of all tennis balls or once again you have successfully kept the bad postman away. So much excitement would be unbearable as a permanent condition. That is why dogs simply shake off this high level of excitement - in the truest sense of the word.

The shaking can also be triggered by negative stress, but that's not always the case. Shaking is more like taking a deep breath after an intense situation. So if your dog shakes after a lively game session, you can be happy that your four-legged friend can handle his tension well.

Movement helps against cold

When the environment is cold, exercise helps because the muscles generate heat. That is why people and animals tremble in the freezing cold. But before the chattering of teeth starts, we usually shiver over the upper arms. The animal equivalent to this is the short shake of your four-legged friend.

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Shaking attracts attention

Maybe your darling is cold, itchy in the ear or stressed out. Or you just have a little diva at home. When things suddenly move (differently), it attracts attention - for dogs and humans alike. So it may well be that your sofa wolf simply thinks that it deserves more attention than it is currently getting. And maybe shaking can help.

The following video shows how dogs shake in slow motion:


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