Soft cat smoothie: she was so playful as a teen

Soft cat smoothie: she was so playful as a teen

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Smoothie is not an ordinary cat, but a really nice velvet paw. She is cuddly and playful on top of that, even in her teenage years, as the following video impressively proves. Simply dearest!

With her silky long fur, her bright green eyes and her bushy tail, cat smoothie shouldn't just wrap her owner around her finger. The cuddle is really nice to look at. And apart from that, the kitty seems to be enthusiastic about the smallest things.

Even as a teenager, smoothie just wants to play, discover and explore the long day. Whether a pullover cord, plant leaves or a simple cardboard box, nothing is safe from her. And with reflections on the closet door, the British long-haired beauty can no longer hold on to itself. Sweet as a sugar, this playful little cat!

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