Gopher Purge Plant: Is It Toxic to Dogs?

Gopher Purge Plant: Is It Toxic to Dogs?

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Gopher purge also is known as gopher spurge, mole plant and more formally as Euphorbia lathyris. The substances in the plant that affect gophers and moles also affect dogs.

Unsafe for Gophers or Dogs

Gopher purge is toxic to humans and pets, including dogs. It contains a thick, milky substance that irritates anything it comes into contact with. In dogs, gopher purge can cause bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite, rapid heart rate and dilated pupils. Since it is an irritant, it also can cause a burning sensation on your dog's lips, mouth, tongue and nose. In large amounts, gopher purge can be deadly. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog has been chewing on or eating gopher purge. If the plant is growing in areas where your dog regularly spends time, take steps to eradicate it.

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