Toy Poodle, Russkiy Toy and Co .: What does the "Toy" stand for?

Toy Poodle, Russkiy Toy and Co .: What does the "Toy" stand for?

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The term "toy" comes from English and means "toy". Toy poodles, Russkiy toys and Co. are normal dogs, but due to their small size they sometimes look like cute soft toys. Find out what else you need to know about toy dog ​​breeds here. This toy poodle looks like a soft toy, but it is a normal dog - Shutterstock / Lim Tiaw Leong

Some toy dog ​​breeds have been bred as lap dogs and playmates for humans, but this does not apply to everyone. Some of these small dogs not only do company, but also do good hunting.

Toy dog ​​breeds are small

The small height is the main characteristic that Toypudel, Russkiy Toy and other toys have in common. Otherwise, very different breeds are included, such as the Chihuahua, Havanese, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Italian Greyhound or Yorkshire Terrier. The pug, the Papillon, the Pekingese, Bichon Frisé, Bolognese, Chinese crested dog, Coton de Tuléar and the pomeranian are also included.

The term "toy" is particularly common in the Anglo-Saxon region. There is a so-called "Toy Group" in the umbrella organizations for dog breeding, the "Kennel Clubs". There is the umbrella organization "Fédération Cynologique Internationale" (FCI), which usually sets the standards in Europe apart from Great Britain, but not. Nevertheless, the "toy" addition has also been used in some small dog breeds such as the Russkiy Toy, the English Toy Terrier and the Toy Poodle in Germany. Sometimes the addition "dwarf" is used synonymously, as with the miniature poodle.

Raising small dogs: special features

Small dogs are becoming more and more popular - no wonder, because in terms of size they even seem ...

Special features of Russkiy Toy, Toypudel and Co.

Most toy dog ​​breeds have been bred as companion dogs and lap dogs. This means that even today they tend to be very close to "their" people and do not like to be alone. Unfortunately, these little four-legged friends are easily misunderstood, which is also reflected in the term "toy". Her lovable, affectionate and playful nature, cute appearance and "handy format" make her look like toys. This impression is reinforced by stars and celebrities who carry small dogs in handbags or in their arms instead of letting them walk around and sniffing around.

Toy poodles, Russkiy toys and Co. also need a consistent, loving upbringing with clear, unambiguous commands and rules like all other dogs. Otherwise it can happen that they show behavioral problems, for example barking constantly. Read more in our guide "Are small dogs more aggressive than large dogs?"

Difference between teacup dogs and toy dogs

If you want to buy a toy poodle, Russkiy toy or other small dog, make sure you have a reputable breeder. The four-legged friends are small, but they should reach a certain minimum size in order to avoid any health problems and restrictions. You may come across the term "teacup dog" when looking for a breeder; these are not independent dog breeds, but small dogs that were bred especially tiny - so small that they fit into a tea cup (English: "Teacup") as adults. This falls under agony breeding and should not be supported.


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