Are Service Dogs Allowed in Public Pool Areas?

Are Service Dogs Allowed in Public Pool Areas?

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Service animals are defined by the U.S. In March of 2012 these revisions became mandatory, and by law, public swimming pools must allow a service dog to accompany the person with a disability anywhere on the premises where the public is allowed.

Ordinances, Fees, Exceptions

Regardless of posted rules, local ordinances or municipal health code, the ADA takes priority. It is a violation of the ADA to deny service dogs from accessing a public pool or to limit the type of service dog allowed to enter -- guide dogs only, for example -- based on local or state laws or regulations. While no fees or deposits may be charged to allow service animals to enter a public pool area, the facility may charge for cleaning or repairs due to damage caused by the service dog, but only if the policy is to charge a nondisabled person for causing such damage.


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