Thud! Kitten falls off the bed while playing

Thud! Kitten falls off the bed while playing

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Careful and at the same time extremely curious, the hearty kitty explores the soft bed of her owners in the video. When the young cat is held a feather toy in front of her little snub-nosed nose, she can hardly hold on to her with joy - and yet overlooks the edge of the bed.

The gray velvet paw follows the pink toy with her eyes. Up and down, to the left and right: The golden room tiger can no longer take his eyes off the puffy object. The kitten curiously sticks its paws in the air and tries to catch the feather thing. The little dwarf smoothly forgets to take care of his surroundings and promptly falls off the bed while catching the game. The multitasking has to practice the cute kitty a little bit!

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